Rules For Choosing Your Fashion Accessories

Rules For Choosing Your Fashion Accessories

Going down the accessories lane is something most people don’t want to talk about. They believe that they can just wear anything and hit the road. This is the 21st century and there are rules to fashion accessories that you should take note of. Well, they aren’t anything difficult. Rather, they will help to complement your outfit well and give you that classy look. Here are some of such rules:

1. Don’t wear more than 4 large accessories:

Some people make that mistake of wearing so many large accessories. Looking at them, you may feel like swooning. Of course, you can combine large fashion accessories but keep it to the minimum. 

2. Wear matching jewelry only if they’re small-sized:

Fashion Accessories

Most times, wearing matching jewelry from head to toe may look old fashioned. Since fashion can be tweaked and reinvented, you can wear matching jewelry if they’re in small sizes. This includes necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and so on. 

3. Your handbag must not match your shoes:

Your handbag must not match your shoes - Fashion Accessories

Now let’s take it back in the days, every last wanted to wear matching bags/purses and shoes. I can boldly tell you that it isn’t so anymore. Sure, you can still make those two items match but there’s no harm in doing otherwise. You can full off that huge fashion statement and style by complementing your dressing with bags and shoes that don’t match. If your bag is a very bright colour, you can wear cooler footwear in terms of colour.

4. Get your clothing priorities right:

This may seem confusing but I’d break it down. This only means that you don’t wear eye-catching clothes and also eye-catching accessories. You need to tone one down; either your outfit or the accessories. Wearing bright outfits with sharp accessories isn’t a nice appearance to look at. Therefore, try not to create the same effect. 

5. You don’t need a wristwatch for an evening/dinner dress:

If you’re going to attend a night event or you’re just going to have dinner, you don’t necessarily need to wear a wristwatch. Watches go well with office/corporate wears and sports outfits. Just wear your dress and complement with a necklace and beautiful bracelets, probably rings.

6. Know your finger size before wearing rings:

rings  - Fashion Accessories

If you must wear rings, it would be good that you know your finger size. For one thing, large rings are not suitable for people with short fingers. It is better for people with tall, slender fingers.

7. Gold and silver work together:

Before now, fashionistas would tell you to stick to your gold all through or stick to silver. Nowadays, you can have a bit of this and this. Just remember to be minimal and combine them well.

Everything all boils down to looking good and being yourself. Be sure you are comfortable while pulling off your signature style. When next you’re going shopping and confused about accessories, glance through the rules. Learn to combine them well to match your outfits and you’re good to go!

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