Best Movies On Netflix Right Now

6 Of The Best Movies On Netflix Right Now

Trying to get the perfect movie to watch on Netflix might just be frustrating. This is because there are so many movies and series to choose from; you might just get confused. Yes, everyone has been there, which is why movie reviews are great if you want to pick out a good movie. Think of a situation where you have a whole lot of movies at your disposal but don’t know which to go for.

Here are the top 6 of the best movies:

13 Reasons Why
13 Reasons Why13 Reasons Why13 Reasons Why

1. 13 Reasons Why

The creators of this masterpiece have wrapped it up with the fourth and last season. It’s a great series to watch; tells the story of a traumatized student who was murdered, one of the characters being involved with a criminal cartel and other plot twists. All these happen as the students are about to graduate and the findings are surprising.

365 Days

2. 365 Days

Starring Anna-Maria Sieklucka, Michele Morrone, and Magdalena Lamparska, 365 Days is a Polish film about a dominant man who captures and imprisons a woman. He gives her 365 days to fall in love with him. She struggles, tries to escape, asks for help, and all. The movie is a great one and that’s why it’s a top one. It is an erotic romantic drama.


3. Magnetic

Directed by Thierry Donard, Magnetic is a French sports documentary that was released in 2018. The documentary trails and shows intrepid sportspeople all over the world. These athletes go from remote locations to locations for extreme sports. 

The Help

4. The Help

If you love Octavia Spencer movies, you would surely love this one. The Help tells the story of two Black maids and an aspiring journalist, back in the days of the Civil Rights Movement in 1963.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

5. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Released in the year 2018, this movie is a superhero action-adventure movie. It’s a great comic adaption that you’d surely enjoy watching. It follows the story of a New York City teen, Miles Morales who was bitten by a spider and turns into Spider-Man in the process. Something strange happened though that makes different Spidermen to inhabit the same area. Follow the adventure!

6. Extraction

Extraction was released earlier this year and it’s already a must-see for lots of people. Popular actor, Chris Hemsworth starred in the movie and he is portrayed as a black-market mercenary who is hired to rescue the kidnapped son of an international crime lord. Hemsworth takes the journey of what seemed to be deadly and impossible amongst drug traffickers and weapon dealers. You’d enjoy watching this movie as it is thrilling, adventurous, and full of suspense. 

So, the movies above are the top six on Netflix right now. This means that a lot of people are watching and have watched them. There’s a little information/description of each movie. You just have to pick the one that appeals best to you and start watching. Maybe you’re on holiday or probably home because of the lockdown. You could use these movies to keep yourself busy until activities are resumed.

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