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Right click and print this picture and take it with you to Applebee’s if you are dining anywhere in the Louisville area on Wednesday or Thursday while visiting the Mid-America Truck Show.  If you give a copy of this flyer to your waitress when you order a percentage of your check will be donated to the JRB Memorial Fund.


Imagine nearly reaching the maturing age of 60 before attending your first big truck show (Cheryl Lynn is several years younger than me) but good things come to those who wait.

As motorcyclists for many years we have been to countless biker rallies, rodeos, poker runs and other exciting 2 wheel events, been to many classic car cruise-ins and in general "hung out" with many people of various professions and outlooks on life. Being a musician since the 60’s (and hanging with  Cheryl Lynn, my favorite Groupie / Roadie since 1963) has also afforded many different venues and exciting nights.

They tell me

Burnt Beans (Don) has been a great friend for many years and has tried to get me to the truck show for the past several years but terrible weather or other commitments have prevented me from going and after all, what could there possibly be at a truck show?

Well this year things were different. The weather forecast sounded pretty good, I didn’t have another gig booked, the Harley was still hibernating and wouldn’t know the difference and heck, my Dad was an over the road long distance trucker back in the late 60s and early 70s but never really talked about his experiences.

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Saturday Afternoon at the Truckers Tailgate Party

I would like to give a “Big Thank You” to everyone that helped with the truckers tailgate party in the Papa John’s stadium parking lot. It was a huge success.

(I’m sorry Greg)

First I would like to thank my wife Debi for her support and her making the HoHo cake and the sour cream coffee cake; my sons, Cliff and Cody for helping load and unload the trailer. My daughter Megan for coming down and driving the extra vehicle home.

I would like to thank my very good friends Bob, and Cheryl Lin Sears for coming down with all the great entertainment.

I would like to thank Carol Scroggins for the delicious “paid off cake” and for delivering it to the parking lot.

Now for the hard part; trying to list everyone working to make a successful weekend. I’m working with a poor memory, ask Beatnic Bandit. So please don’t get mad if I miss anyone. I know some people helped when I was not there. I’ll try to not over look anyone. If I do please have mercy on me. Read the rest of this entry »

For those of you that were lucky enough to make it to the 2010 MATS show in Louisville Ky. You were not let down. The organizers of the show did a great job again. This year I did not see any waits at the registration booths which is a good thing if you only have a limited amount of time to see the show. But people who come with limited time always say this was my first time at MATS and I did not know it was so big. Then the next comment from them is I will come next year for all three days.

I have not been to Mats for many years myself due to many different reasons. This year I was glad to be there to see old friends and make new ones. For those of you that know me. I can be very critical of a lot of things. I am a no holds barred kind of guy. If I do not like someone or something believe me you will be the first to know.

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