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People ask me” How is Chance?”  I forget that some drivers from the thousands that donated to the hats and to Chance do not know that his mother posts updates on Caring Bridge. 

  If you have not been following the progress of Chance Rogers, click this link and put it in your favorites.   The story, the faith, and the courage you will find detailed in the last 3 years worth of posts will amaze you!   If you haven’t been there before, please sign the ‘Guest Book” at caring bridge and remind this family how many of us have them in our hearts and prayers. 

Whoo-Hoo!  I am back on the internet!  What did we ever do before technology and it’s ability to connect us to one another?  I am so blessed and amazed at all of the people that have been signing our guestbook and even just reading our journal.  I think in the past month we have had more than 10,000 visits!  WOW.  Just blows me away how many people know about Chance.
My last entry was before we came home.  We were blessed with great weather and a wonderful flight home.  We also had a welcome home bbq with many friends and family members.  Our new ramp is much more impressive in person!  And Chance is able to navigate it with his electric wheelchair quite well.  He’s actually quite a good driver, getting around the house with the tight corner into his bedroom.
His room is set up with a hospital bed next to his regular bed.  This allows one of us to sleep near him.  We are having many visitors and guests that come to stay and help.  Some days Chance is tired and not very social, but other times he is his "old self".  
One person that has been an incredible help (and honestly, a surprising one too)  is Chance’s cousin Damon.  These two boys have such an amazing and strong bond.  Over the years, these two have made mischief and gotten into (some) trouble together.  But they are best buds – both having a love of the military and making plans for their future together as Army Rangers. 
Once we got home from Portland, Chance wanted Damon to stay the night so that they could play Chance’s new XBox 360.  Well, Damon didn’t leave for 4 days!  He became a distraction for Chance from his disabilities, as well as an incredible helper for me.  He would get up in the night when Chance needed ice packs for his arms and neck.  He would come and wake me when necessary.  He would fix Chance’s food and then feed him when Chance needed it.  Damon has been an amazing and wonderful help to us.  I wish that we could have brought him on the Make-A-Wish trip because he truly deserved to go!
Speaking of MAW…I’m saving that story for another day, tomorrow perhaps.  Needless to say, my days are exhausting and filled with endless things to do.

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