A New feature is coming to the Peoples’ Journal, the “Food Jihad” from Americas’ Trucking Network.

This sample will introduce the feature, but future articles will appear on the main page.  If YOU want to submit a “Food Jihad” article with your pictures, you can send them to me at contactus@thepeoplesjournal.com with Food Jihad in the subject.

Requirements for Food Jihad articles are.  PHOTOS.. and enough text to indicate where the picture was taken..

The underlying idea is simple. if you had all your cell phone trucker friends in a JIHAD group, you would find really really excellent food, you take pictures and send them to ALL your friend knowing that some of them are out there somewhere 2 or more hours from even a Wendy’s much less some great food.  The idea was born when listeners sent pictures to BUBBA BO at the studio when he was on the air, to torment him while he was doing the show. ( Teach him to talk about BACON!)

Here are a few samples of “Food Jihad” we will post one last sample on the home page, and hope many of you will participate in the “Food Jihad”!

For breakfast in Riverside, California.. No truck parking unfortunately but  great breakfast including a Cheese and tomatoes and pepper omelet with sliced avocado on it



Another Food Jihad article would be the lunch I had at Austins’ Restaurant across the street from the Petro 2 .


Hmmm a country fried chicken breast, sweet potato casserole, pepper gravy, sliced fried green tomatoes, and black berry cobbler.. NOTE the second picture taken 20 minutes later  LOL