Our purpose in opening this internet publication is to provide a place for people to publish articles, stories, poems or even jokes and cartoons. That is just to name a few of the ideas. Videos and photographic essays are are also welcome.

The major media focuses on the big cities and national politics where they perceive the concentration of power and influence to be. Our focus is on the lives and interests of real people. Our geographical coverage is not limited by the presence of paid correspondents nor budget considerations. This is possible because we have no paid correspondents nor do we have a budget to place correspondents in specific locations. Our content is provided spontaneously by people who become aware this site exists and decide to contribute to it.

Our purpose is defined in our name. THE PEOPLES JOURNAL

We intend to provide a historical journal of the events, thoughts and contributions our readers provide. We offer this site as a place where anyone can have nearly anything they write published for everyone to read.

If you are interested in contributing material to The Peoples Journal you can contact us via email at contactus@thepeoplesjournal.com .

This site is not intended to become a great source of revenue. It is, however, our intention to enrich our readers lives with views and news from contributors who are people reporting experiences in their own lives rather than professional journalists describing events they were assigned to cover.

All articles submitted to The Peoples Journal are copyrighted as property of the author. All articles, commentaries, works of fiction, picture, videos or graphics presented in The Peoples Journal are original by the author or used with permission. Short quotations if properly attributed are permitted.