July 14, 1957-January 17, 2012

When a driver leaves this world, many people are left behind. When James (Rick) Lawhun began his ultimate journey January 17, 2012, he left behind his loving wife of 20 years and family. Taken unexpectedly, Rick left a lasting impression on many people and his wife, Teresa, remembers him and is reaching out to a family that took Rick as one of their own…a family a truckers.

Teresa wrote “Like so many of the last of the Highway Cowboys or White Knights, He was a different breed, A professional always when it came to his driving…courteous, helpful safe”. She remembers him as a professional, safe and helpful driver who not only used common sense but a sense of humor to do his job and help others. “He was the only man I knew that could talk his way out of a ticket. After he made a u-turn with a set of doubles in front of a cop. convincing the officer that he didn’t see what he thought he seen. “

His wife also remembers him as a practical joker and always looking to make you laugh and smile no matter how bad it really was. “He had no problem being brutally honest. Then convince you he was right. If you called him for comforting word. He would say “I may not have the right words for you, but I can help you cry”. By the end of the conversation he would have you laughing.”

Teresa is reaching out to Rick’s “other” family, a family close knit and always reaching out to help. When Rick passed away, finances were available to lay him to rest but there was not enough to pass a marker for his final resting place. Teresa has asked for drivers to help in this. Whether it be a dime or a dollar, every little bit helps. The family is asking is for assistance in paying for a marker. Donations can be made through www.jrbmfund.org and placing Rick’s name or “monument” in the comment section. The Jacob Russell Boulanger Memorial Fund for Truckers Inc. will be doing a pass through to the the Houpt Monument Co of Marion, OH. Funds will be collected by the organization and passed through to the monument company for Rick’s final marker.

JRBM fund is a registered 501(c)3 charitable organization with the purpose of providing a hand up, not a hand out; truckers helping truckers.

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