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So you started off as a truck driver thinking you would be a professional tourist. You would drive across the country seeing everything from the windshield of your peter-bago.

Well there are so many beautiful scenery areas it is almost true. But in this article I want you to be the real tourist sampling the local culture.  Imagine a local farm market from the lake shoe of Pennsylvania with local made food products. It might look like what you can experience right out the front door of the TCA truck stop in Harbor Creek, Pa.

Here are a few views of my experience there. You really need to try to get by there one weekend and buy a few treats for yourself! Click on  a photo for a larger view!


I really think the TCA/Petro merger is working out to give drivers better places to stay on those weekend when you have time for rest and a little tourism!


I am Project Coordinator for We are looking for truckers who are interested in forming a convoy with donated surplus portable classrooms for transport from Miami-Dade County to Joplin and other affected areas.

Please contact me at 954.465.1223.


Mitch Chester