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Of interest to those wanting to get involved in the relief effort for Joplin Mo. and news organizations covering the disaster in Joplin Mo.
WHO: Trucker Charity Inc, Menlo Logistics, Con-Way Freight, Walmart
WHAT: Supply and aid donation drive for victims of Joplin Mo. tornado
WHEN: Friday May 27 through Sunday May 28th 8 AM till 8 PM
Donations will be sent out Monday by Con-Way Freight directly to Joplin Mo.
WHERE: Walmart Shopping Center
2608 Green Mount Commons Dr
Belleville, Illinois
Trucker Charity Inc. together with Menlo Logistics, Con-Way Freight and Walmart taking donations for the victims of the Joplin Tornado at Belleville IL Walmart
5/27 through 5/29 2011 Belleville Walmart center Belleville Il.
When crisis hits in America it’s important for Americans to band together and help their fellow citizens in their time of need. The Mid West and South have been hammered with severe tornado activity this year, many families are without the basics that we all take for granted. Help us help them by coming to the Belleville IL Walmart and donate needed items to be trucked to Joplin Mo by Con-Way Freight Lines.
We are also in need of volunteers to help collect the donations Friday, Saturday and Sunday, shrink wrap and load onto the truck. If you can help 1 hour, 2 hours, all day you would be doing a great service for our country.
Some of the items needed:
Non perishable food items, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, dish soap, laundry detergent, hand sanitizer, clothing in all sizes, shoes in all sizes, blankets. small toys for displaced children, ziploc bags, bandaids and other first aid product
tarps, tools, batteries, flashlights, feminine products, baby formula, diapers, baby food, toilet paper, Kleenex, etc
Bring your own items or purchase what you plan to donate at Walmart or Lowes.
Walmart is donating the venue, ad space and fork truck for the event. Con-Way Freight has generously donated the transportation and vehicles. Menlo Logistics is getting the job done logistically.
Trucker Charity Inc. has no paid employees, the board of directors is made up of truck drivers who see a need to help fellow drivers. The board of directors does not include any corporate sponsors or relatives of the board. You can contact any board member at
Trucker Charity Inc is a 501(c)(3) charity with it’s main office located in Summerfield Ill.

From Kerry Mullins

Express permission to republish in entirety granted.
Trucker Charity Inc.
PO Box 277
202 N Main Street
Summerfield, Il 62289

Burnt Beans and I just had a conversation with J.R.  Those of you who were at Poppa Johns Parking lot for MATS may remember him from his 2 days of effort cooking in Burnt Beans’ tent.

I knew J.R. as a truck driver, tonight I know J.R. as the owner and partner, with his dog, in search and rescue.

J.R. is working in Joplin, Mo. He and his dog have been working for 36 hours now and they are working 1 hour, off for 1 hour.

The fatigue in his voice and the depression in his mind as the number of living people trapped in the wreckage goes down, and the number of recovered bodies grows. I knew he wanted some reassurance, but the only thing I could give him was my faith that GOD is in charge.  I hope he takes to heart my reminding him that somewhere in the miles long apartment complex he and his dog are going to start searching next might be that person or people waiting and praying that they will be found and succored.  I had to go back in my memory to times I prefer to avoid, but I was able to pass on to him my own saving understanding, that the living are praying for help, the dead people you find are not people, they are what those people leave behind as they go on to the next place and meet GOD.

We all know that people who have suffered in the tornados need help, we all know to pray for them and anyone else in the path of such destruction.  But I am writing this opinion article to remind myself and everyone else that we need to pray also for those brave firemen, lawmen, and volunteer search and rescue teams that rush to each succeeding disaster and bring hope to the trapped and injured or recovery to those who have gone on ahead. J.R. mentioned that there might be as many as 1500 still missing people just in Joplin. I ask each of you to add them also to your prayers.

Here is a link to a map of the area in Joplin that was damaged by the tornado.

Update, Wednesday morning,  Burnt Beans and I had another talk with J.R.   He found 15 people alive today in that 500 unit apartment complex. He was so uplifted!  I asked him again if there were other search and rescue dog teams available there in Joplin, and he said “NOT YET” more are on the way.


Rusty Wade

By Ken A. McCoy

O.K. Most people are under a misconception about how Jose is making money in our country. Kristi, myself, and 3 Million other Drivers see what Jose and his family are doing for employment. They aren’t in the farm fields so much anymore as they are in our factories, fast food joints, and other big businesses. Some wait outside Home Depot or grocery warehouses for "Day Labor" looking to help the carpenters, plumbers, and truckers.

Twenty years ago, mommy and daddy kicked Jr. into getting a job. Therefore most fast food places provided work for the kids 16-18, other places 18 and up. But now ma and pa buy Jr. his toys like fancy cars, X-boxes, and drugs. So there is need within the workforce, being filled by aliens who buy only what they need, and send our currency back home to whomever. The construction people used to hire full time people for help. Truckers hire “day labor” to unload the trucks, back then they were the bums, and street people. They would charge between $40.00, to $70.00 depending on the load. Usually a dollar per thousand weight. Now with organized aliens, they charge $160.00 to $400.00. It doesn’t take but about two hours to unload a semi-truck by hand, and one person! Poor Jose makes a mere $1600.00 or better, for a ten hour day at work. With an estimated 30 million aliens in the country, what could help our economy more?

I don’t know how Owner Operators, and Independent Driver’s Association came up with the “30 million” estimate, but they point out that, of the annual 40,000 traffic fatalities in the U.S.A. 25% are caused by Impaired illegals. Before we can I.D. them, they run back across the border to safety, at least the ones who survive. Maybe they’re crashing into each other, I don’t know. To me it means they are killing innocent Americans!

On the other side of the coin, I know they need good paying Jobs. We all do. But in my mind some, if not most, are fleeing the drug cartel violence. If that is the case, they need to take a stand against those cartels. They need to reclaim their own countries for a better life. Although now automated, many U.S. factories have moved to their countries, and they can’t tell me they don’t have any work.


Burnt Beans and I decided to try to avoid doing the dishes again this morning at Sierra Sids’. They probably would remember us from last night and would be ready for us, so we walked across the street in front of Sierra Sids’ to the “Black Bear Diner.”



Jessie Was our waitress, and she seemed to have some idea how to deal with us, for instance the first thing she did was grab me by the ear and demand to see some money in my wallet before she would let us order breakfast!  We think Mr. Smith must have called her and warned her about us.  Don captured the moment!


Dave had touted the chicken fried steak so much that I had to try it. Looking at the menu I saw a breakfast with it, “The Big Foot",” so I ordered it. Don ordered the breakfast just below it on the menu called “The Grizzly.”  Here is a menu shot showing the two breakfasts.Image05242011081913

When the breakfasts arrived they were stupendous. I shot a few pictures so that you can see what they were like, and then Don and I tried to eat as much as we could!

The last picture was taken after we finished eating, and shows how much was left to chose from for Puppy’s “Doggie box”. (No wonder he is so fat LOL!)



What “Food Jihad” visit would be complete with out a picture of the fabulous deserts offered at the Black Bear Diner.  So here is a short sample of what you see when you walk in the door and a few “Food Jihad” proof we were there photos.  No we have not yet recovered any hunger so we have not yet been back across the street to try those deserts.. Want to make a bet (this is Sparks Nevada after all) on whether there will be an update to this story featuring :”Desert?”

Rated *****

Super Charged Thunder is a 12 member group of Supercharged pre-1960 Nostalgia Drag Race vehicles, driven by highly colorful drivers, designed to entertain the race fans and their families and to provide maximum exposure for their sponsors.

Gary's car launching for the first qualification run at Bradenton

Gary's car launching for the first qualification run at Bradenton

The goal of Supercharged Thunder is to bring back the AA/Gasser experience from the past, have cars that the fans can root for, long smoky burnouts, side-by-side racing, personal interaction with the drivers and teams, autograph cards and frisbees for the kids, brand rivalries, bounties placed on the drivers pre-show parades and displays are just some of the exciting experience during a “Thunder Show”!

For more information on the group and a schedule of when they will be racing at a track near you please visit their web site.

Super Charged Thunder Racing