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       With many drivers basically living on the road, there are many personal things that seem to take a back seat to the job, including their medical needs.  To fill this need and provide the necessary diagnostic tests, former Navy corpsman and long time driver Jon Osburn and XM Radio host, Dave Nemo put together a plan to provide necessary medical resources to drivers.  The Medical Resource Vehicle (MeRV)  is the key to that plan; the vehicle is an  RV that provides medical testing to drivers, including blood pressure check, A1C testing for diabetes and help screen for other health issues. 

       On Wednesday May 11, 2011 at 1900 (Central time zone), Mr Osburn will discuss the MeRV, its role in driver health, and the future plans of the program in an All Drivers Together Conference Call.   During the call, Mr Osburn will discuss the who, what, where, and why of the MeRV and answer questions regarding the program and its services.  According to a recent article in Landline Magazine, there are big changes coming for the MeRV and its future. Mr Osburn may discuss those changes as well. 

      The MeRV is owned by Boardman Medical Supply, a company based out of Ohio and provides medical supplies and sleep apnea testing to individuals.  The MeRV is also a supporter of the Saint Christophers Fund and works in conjunction with them to collect donations for the SCF.  Mr Osburn has been the primary driver of the vehicle for the one year that it has been in existence, attends the national truck shows to provide the services and information that drivers need, through not only services but education and referrals as well. 

       The call will be held in Question and Answer mode and will be moderated to ensure proper decorum.  Drivers are asked to respect the programs choice of who and what charities and foundations it supports and ask questions or make comments that are in line with the calls purpose. The conference is free to all those in attendance (except for cell phone minutes usage as contracted by the driver’s carrier) and can be connected with at 712 432 0075 access code  243977#. 


As professional drivers we have a lot to deal with on a regular basis as we rive on Americas highway system. One of those is trying to drive with the motoring public who do not have the training that most CDL holders have, some as we know have a fear of large trucks, and accidents occur. We know to that no matter what happens the truck driver is guilty until proven innocent. If you have been out here long enough you will have heard about the drivers who lost their job, because they did what was right and who have risked their life to save someone else, and ran off the road to avoid hitting someone that had pulled out in front of them. This made them the only vehicle involved and most of the time no wittiness to back up their case.

Well how would you like to have the ultimate wittiness, irrefutable evidence so that if this happens to you you can prove your case.

The all drivers together conference room is pleased to announce a conference with Chris Hughes of video dash cam.On Wednesday May 4, @ 7:00pm.

Chris will join us in a Q&A session to talk about his product and how it can help us as drivers to protect ourselves. To join in this conference you can call 712-432-0075 access code 243977#. This will be a Question and answer session also. You Will be able to ask your questions and have them answered. We look forward to hearing from you then.

Mary and I stopped while we were going north on US 95 from Las Vegas to Reno.  We were coming into Beatty, Nevada and decided to stop and find some dinner and coffee.

On the north end of town we found a place where you can park as many as 12 trucks using the shoulder of the road and a small dirt lot.

We were so impressed by the Spaghetti dinner we had that night, I decided on my way south to stop again for a meal and to take a few pictures.


I carried my video camera inside, and took a few shots so that you the reader can see what I saw.

Rita’s Cafe

For those of you who, like me, love green chile.. The green was ripe and sweet and not hot!

I rate Rita’s Café a 5 star for truckers meals. The coffee was also very good for Nevada standards, and they did not flinch to fill my 1 liter thermos.

Every server I dealt with was excellent, friendly, and competent.  Oh and you can order 1/2 orders of the spaghetti which is handy for Mary and I as we usually split dinner orders as most meals are too big for either of us!


  Every now and then a cause comes along that just reaches out to you so strongly that you just have to grab it by the horns and hold on. Such is the case with a group of men and women, all fellow drivers known as Truckers Charity. These folks not only talk the talk, they walk the walk. Recently during the truck show in Louisville (MATS) I had the pleasure of spending 3 days and nights helping and watching these folks work. And work they did, from early morning fixing breakfast and coffee for the drivers in the Papa John’s lot, to spending the whole entire day talking about the charity, and passing out pocket constitutions, which by the way were placed in the hands of over 8000 folks, to spending late evening hours preparing more food for the drivers , all the while smiling and enjoying what they were doing. It’s one of the few organizations that this old guitar slinging songwriting country boy has been around that do exactly what they say and return 100% of the money that comes into there charity back to helping disadvantaged drivers. I myself was a driver before becoming an entertainer. I don’t recall that there was anything like Truckers Charity when I was driving. Of course at the time things were a little different, a handshake was a handshake and was as good as a contract. If you broke down by the side of the road there were 3-4 drivers that would stop to help almost before you could step out of your truck, and you never had to worry about a company closing up shop and leaving you stranded without a way to get home. But some things change. And even though some things change, there are still some things that remain the same. There are still drivers willing to help other drivers, there are still those who will go that extra mile and who still believe in the brotherhood of the road. Truckers Charity is that group. A group of everyday hard working drivers, that are still from the old school, and who still believe in the common everyday values that this country was built on. And even though my driving now is relegated to a 45 ft tour bus, I still count myself as part of that brotherhood. And now instead of actually driving up and down the roads of this country delivering freight, I travel the highways and byways, singing and writing songs about the drivers who do, at truck shows, fairs and festivals. I still spend lots of long hours on the highway, and just like many of the drivers, do it for very little pay, but being on that road is just like a sickness, but a sickness we can’t overcome. It is HIGHWAY FEVER. And as long as I’ve still got that Highway Fever I will continue to travel, play my guitar and sing these trucking songs I write for drivers all over this nation of ours, and as long as I do I will for sure continue to sing the praises of Truckers Charity. There motto of Get’em safe, Get’em fed, Get’em home, took on a whole new meaning after 3 days in Louisville. Truckers helping Truckers. They not only say it, they mean it, and to this old guitar slinging, country singing ex-truck driving country boy, they prove it.


Terry Wooley

All Have Free Rights to publish this press release in its entire form.

People ask me” How is Chance?”  I forget that some drivers from the thousands that donated to the hats and to Chance do not know that his mother posts updates on Caring Bridge. 

  If you have not been following the progress of Chance Rogers, click this link and put it in your favorites.   The story, the faith, and the courage you will find detailed in the last 3 years worth of posts will amaze you!   If you haven’t been there before, please sign the ‘Guest Book” at caring bridge and remind this family how many of us have them in our hearts and prayers. 

Whoo-Hoo!  I am back on the internet!  What did we ever do before technology and it’s ability to connect us to one another?  I am so blessed and amazed at all of the people that have been signing our guestbook and even just reading our journal.  I think in the past month we have had more than 10,000 visits!  WOW.  Just blows me away how many people know about Chance.
My last entry was before we came home.  We were blessed with great weather and a wonderful flight home.  We also had a welcome home bbq with many friends and family members.  Our new ramp is much more impressive in person!  And Chance is able to navigate it with his electric wheelchair quite well.  He’s actually quite a good driver, getting around the house with the tight corner into his bedroom.
His room is set up with a hospital bed next to his regular bed.  This allows one of us to sleep near him.  We are having many visitors and guests that come to stay and help.  Some days Chance is tired and not very social, but other times he is his "old self".  
One person that has been an incredible help (and honestly, a surprising one too)  is Chance’s cousin Damon.  These two boys have such an amazing and strong bond.  Over the years, these two have made mischief and gotten into (some) trouble together.  But they are best buds – both having a love of the military and making plans for their future together as Army Rangers. 
Once we got home from Portland, Chance wanted Damon to stay the night so that they could play Chance’s new XBox 360.  Well, Damon didn’t leave for 4 days!  He became a distraction for Chance from his disabilities, as well as an incredible helper for me.  He would get up in the night when Chance needed ice packs for his arms and neck.  He would come and wake me when necessary.  He would fix Chance’s food and then feed him when Chance needed it.  Damon has been an amazing and wonderful help to us.  I wish that we could have brought him on the Make-A-Wish trip because he truly deserved to go!
Speaking of MAW…I’m saving that story for another day, tomorrow perhaps.  Needless to say, my days are exhausting and filled with endless things to do.

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