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Bob Heans

Well where has the summer gone here it is August all ready. It just seems like yesterday we were at the MATS show to kick of the year.

This year has been a challenging year to say the least. We joined the AHRA which we hoped would expand our racing program this year. This how ever was not to be. We do not know what happened to the AHRA but they have seemed to gone by the way side.

There website has not been updated in some time and races kept getting cancelled or postponed.

With a membership paid for and a race pre-entered we are now in the process of trying to get our money back for this failed effort.

So far this year our car has lived up to what we expected. Andy,Brian and myself seem to find a little more every time we are at a racetrack.

an album of photos from Laura Knapp

July 30th and 31st found our team in full flight at Toronto Motorsports Park.

For the 2010 edition Of Rich Christensen’s Armdrop Live.

If you ever have seen Pinks all Out on Speed TV you know what we were doing for $10.000. And what a blast we had their to. We arrived late Thursday night as we were in the shop much longer than we had planned due to maintenance on our car.

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Brian Heans

A couple of weeks ago, the Snakebite Racing Team raced at the “Arm Drop Live” event at Toronto Motorsports Park. This was a fun event to race at because it was very laid back and arm drop racing is very different from regular ET racing. It was also cool meeting Rich Christensen.

On Thursday, we loaded the truck and trailer and headed to Morrison Automotive to do a few small things on the car such as putting the recently tuned up carburetor back on the car. This was supposed to be an easy day where we could get the car on the hoist and check a few things. It turned out to be just the opposite. After we put the carb back on, we decided to do a few minor tweaks to it. As we were adjusting the carb, a piece of transmission line snapped and we had to order a new piece. After we put that on, we started the car to check for leaks. As we were starting the car, the fuel pump quit. This was a very frustrating day but we managed to make it to Cayuga.

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