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Even though I have not reach MMI with the plastic surgeon, and Dr Waguespack has not released me, (She did say I was MMI), my lawyer and AIG/Chartis have started the back and forth or trying to work out a settlement. Of course, nothing can make up for all the pain of loosing a 20 year career as a truck driver, but we had to start some where. So, my lawyer made the first demand of $79,000. That was two months ago. The other day they came back with an offer of $47,000. I keep telling my lawyer that I am not asking them to support me for the rest of my life, I just want to be able to make it through college without loosing everything I have. He made a counter offer of $68,000. I know they are not going to agree to this either.

I have discovered that Workman’s Comp is really not set up for someone that is hurt as bad as I was when I shattered both my wrists. It is not set up for people are injured so bad the they loose their career. It is set up for more minor injuries. Something really should be done about this. I am not sure where to start, but I plan on doing some research and see. I know it is not going to help me right now, but it may help someone else down the road.

In the mean time, I will just have to try and fight with them and see what happens. Sadly, I know I am going to get screwed!

My trip started out in disaster.

First, the bike I had purchased to be restored in time for Sturgis wasn’t finished in time. But my mechanic loaned me his Honda Shadow so I could make my trip with the group. We loaded the bike up on my cat walk on the back of my Freightliner. Then I made it to Mankato, MN.

Second, I unloaded the bike and then took my Freightliner over to the dealer to be serviced while I was on vacation. I then came back to the yard to load the bike up to get ready to head down to Buzzard’s house in Saint Edward, NE. But before I could load the bike up with my gear it needed a bath really bad, so I gave it a quick one.

Third, once it was clean I got her all loaded up and was ready to leave and went to start her up but she wouldn’t start. I thought she was out of gas so I bummed a ride to the gas station from one of our drivers and went back to yard. After putting the gas in the tank I tried to start her again and again with the same result no go. So there I stood scratching my head, now brain storming I thought maybe I blew a fuse. So again I made a trip to the gas station to buy fuses and back at the yard tried to get her to go. Still no luck. Now it’s too late to go or even call anyone to help. So I camped out in our driver lounge at the yard on the couch.

Fourth, in the morning I called Mankato Honda where they came out and picked up the bike and hauled her to the dealership and after 2 days I found out it was the CDI box. After 3 days of not much sleep I was, finally on my way to Buzzard’s. I was doing great till I got about 10 miles east of Freemont, NE that’s when I discovered that bringing rain gear is only helpful as long as you have it easily accessible when needed not buried in the bottom of your gear bag. A lesson well learned! I proceeded to get soaked to the bone in the dark trying to dig out my rain gear! Not to mention the riding boots I purchased said “water proof” , I’m sure they mean walking through water not having water run down your pant leg into your boots. Another lesson learned!

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  I asked the driver who was parked next to me if he knew his passenger side steering tire was totally bald over half way across and all the way around the tire.


His response was that he had ordered a tire and would change it when he got home.


I asked him if he understood that it was illegal and unsafe to drive on the tire, he said he couldn’t afford to buy a tire now!


I hope he made it without wrecking!

Remember when!

My how times have changed!


Leland Martin records new song with benefits going to Jack Kapanka

Leland with Jack Kapanka

Attention Truckers, Leland Martin is now selling a benefit CD with 100% of the profits going to singer Jack Kapanka, who was involved in a major traffic accident.  Jack is recovering fine but with multiple surgeries his medical bills are mounting making it extremely difficult for his family.  Jack, known for his trucking song “America Moves by Truck” has always been there for truckers, being involved in many of the Trucking Convoys’ for Special Olympics.  See the message below from Leland with a link to take you to his store to purchase the tribute song he wrote about Jack.  Whether you are a trucker or not, please consider helping Jack, he is a true Patriot!!

Hi fans,

I wrote a song about Jack, and I want to share it with you. It is called "One Eyed Jack"! I want to help Jack and his family during this difficult time for them. I have put this song on a C.D., and it is on my store page right now! For $5.00, shipping and handling included in price, you can own this song! My tribute to one of the most loved and respected entertainers in the trucking and music industry!  I am also adding a bonus song on the C.D.!!!  The long awaited “Truckers D.J.” with Country Dan!  Thank you Country Dan for wanting to be a part of this idea to help Jack.  100% of the profit from this 2 song collectors C.D. will be donated to Jack Kapanka and his family.  Please go to this link to purchase:

Also for those of you that are not familiar with Jack, visit his website: and get some of his music while you are there.  Thank you fans for all your support.  God Bless and remember our brave Soldiers and Veterans!!!            Leland Martin

There are people who do not have internet access, for them Leland included his address!

Martin Merchandising
     PO Box 171
     Hartville, MO  65667

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