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Hi Rusty,

Of course you have our permission. Thank you for that. Would you let me know when you put the article on the journal?

I will send you an e-mail when we put the “all in English” show on our website.

Can I ask you a favor? Do you have e-mails from other people that were there that day? I would like to inform everybody when we put the show in English on the internet.

Thanks J

Paula Toco

Trucão Comunicações

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De: Rusty Wade []
Enviada em: terça-feira, 20 de abril de 2010 18:59
Para: Paula
Assunto: Re: The pe na show from Louisville.

yes, I will of course be interested in an all english show also, and as my article is about your show I will of course include the link to your website… Thank you!  I can download your video and place it in my article if I have your permission.

it was great to see you out there in the parking lot, I enjoyed what you put in your program, and also was really wishing i knew how to speak Portuguese as the rest of that show looked to be very interesting.  Too bad we don’t have a similar t v show here…


These emails are part of the chain of communication between the people from the Pe Na Estrada television and radio show in Brazil and myself.  Why you wonder would an American truck driver and populist reporter be emailing a show in Brazil?  because they are a show about truck drivers, and because while they were reporting on the Mid-America Truck Show in Louisville, Ky this year they visited our little encampment in the Poppa Johns Parking lot and included 2 minutes of reporting from the minutes of video taping they did in the parking lot.

This is the Caption

This is the Caption

I never knew about the Pe Na Estrada show because of course it is shown in Brazil, ( in Portuguese) but then I followed the like to their web site.

I noticed immediately that they not only covered the Mid-America truck show, but they had a second period where they covered suspension problems and the condition of Brazilian roads.  I may not speak Portuguese but I was able to follow what they presented enough to know they were not doing a fluff piece but real reporting on real problems and conditions.  I wish we had a show like that here in the USA instead of the 60 minutes hatchet jobs we are used to seeing here!

I have a friend of a friend who does speak Portuguese I have asked him to give me a transcript of the second part of the show so that I can really understand the Pe Na Estrada experience. I will report back.

Over 3 days I had the sad but honorable duty of riding escort for KIA SPC Anthony Blount. This was my second KIA mission, but this time I was able to participate all 3 days instead of just the day of the services. I am thankful that in a weird twist of fate, even though I can no longer drive a big truck, I can still ride my bike and am able to give these Heroes my support and stand a line for them.


Thursday morning around 1020 a small jet landed at the Hattiesburg/Laural Airport with SPC Anthony Blount’s body. This was the first time I have met a plane at the airport and it was so very hard. I stood beside Kim and Wilma and let the tears roll down my face. Kim and I were lucky that our sons came home safe as they can, both suffering from PTSD. But Wilma is a Gold Star Mom and I know this day was very hard on her. We stood there arm in arm to comfort each other as they brought the coffin off the plane with the family standing at the edge of the flight line. I can only imagine their pain and feel a hint of guilt for being thankful for that.


There were 76 bikes there to bring SPC Blount home to his family. Not all were PGR, some were from Camp Shelby and a couple of other motorcycle groups from the area. As we made our way into town and around the High School, I was amazed and thankful to see so many people out on the side of the road to support and honor this Hero and his family. Once again I had to fight the tears as we made our round of the school and the age of the kids there went from High School to the Elementary, younger and younger. At one point I remember seeing a boy scout troop on the side of the road holding the National Flag and saluting. My goggles filled with tears; it made it very hard to see where I was riding.

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Imagine nearly reaching the maturing age of 60 before attending your first big truck show (Cheryl Lynn is several years younger than me) but good things come to those who wait.

As motorcyclists for many years we have been to countless biker rallies, rodeos, poker runs and other exciting 2 wheel events, been to many classic car cruise-ins and in general "hung out" with many people of various professions and outlooks on life. Being a musician since the 60’s (and hanging with  Cheryl Lynn, my favorite Groupie / Roadie since 1963) has also afforded many different venues and exciting nights.

They tell me

Burnt Beans (Don) has been a great friend for many years and has tried to get me to the truck show for the past several years but terrible weather or other commitments have prevented me from going and after all, what could there possibly be at a truck show?

Well this year things were different. The weather forecast sounded pretty good, I didn’t have another gig booked, the Harley was still hibernating and wouldn’t know the difference and heck, my Dad was an over the road long distance trucker back in the late 60s and early 70s but never really talked about his experiences.

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history All That remains of Park N View are a few neglected balls in scattered parking lots across the country.  I remember using the service to get internet, and wishing they had wired them for 120 volts ac so that I could install a small heater or AC unit and stop idling my truck. The picture on the left was taken somewhere in the last 3 weeks. very few other PNV balls remain.

Several years ago two different approaches were made to the truck stop electrification idea, one of those has since died its’ second death.  Named Idle Aire, the simple electrification of the truck stop was bundled into a massive infrastructure that also offered internet access, television and movies on demand. Read the rest of this entry »

I attended a meeting of the organization, Women In Trucking, while at the
Mid America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky 2010. The enthusiasm was
quite evident throughout the meeting room. Sadly, I was late for the meeting
( I had no idea where it was so had to ask) but I do not think I missed much
of it. When I walked into the room I was warmly greeted and found my way to
a seat where I was welcomed by the ladies sitting around there.
I had registered for the photo shoot the day before so did not have to
interrupt listening to the speakers while I took care of that. The room was
full of red shirts with the logo Women In Trucking. Very encouraging for
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