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Press Release

The Mid-America Trucking Show

For Immediate Release

MATS 2010: Mission Accomplished

Louisville, KY – March 30, 2010: Exhibit Management Associates, Inc. is proud to announce that the Mid-America Trucking Show was a resounding success; meeting and even surpassing attendee, exhibitor, and show management expectations. After weathering the economic storm of 2009, all eyes were focused on Louisville for the 39th edition of the trucking industry’s most heralded event. MATS 2010 launched with an impressive 965 exhibiting companies representing 45 states and 12 foreign countries, encompassing more than 1 million square feet of exhibits and events. 70,647 trucking professionals from all 50 states and 59 foreign countries, made the trip to Louisville for the most anticipated three days in trucking. A tangible sense of excitement and enthusiasm spread among attendees and exhibitors, permeating the show floor and signaling a resurgence in the spirit of the heavy-duty trucking industry and a return to economic stability. By the close of the show, it was obvious why MATS stands alone as the chosen destination to showcase products and services to the heavy-duty trucking industry and why attendees feel that MATS is the must-see event of the year.

"We are extremely pleased with the results of our efforts and with the outstanding attendee turnout. We could not have asked for a more positive atmosphere for the trucking industry or scripted a better turnaround for our show", said Toby Young, President of EMA. "Given our performance in 2010 and conversations with current, returning, and future exhibitors, we feel that MATS 2011 will be even better. As we continue to make improvements to the show, add value to exhibiting, and offer more opportunities at the premier face-to-face marketing event in trucking, we know that next year’s 40th anniversary will be one of our best expositions, once again raising the bar for the greatest show in trucking."

Show attendees utilized the three show days to visit all of the various indoor and outdoor show features including: The 21st Annual Paul K. Young Truck Beauty Championship, the 6th Annual Big-Rig Build-Off, Mid-America’s Driver Recruitment & Wellness Center, The Internet and Technology Center, EPA SmartWay Area and John Anderson/The Grascals in concert presented by Mobil Delvac. Celebrity appearances included the "King of NASCAR" Richard Petty, John Ratzenberger, Kelvin Locklear of Outcast Kustoms, Ron Capps, Bubby Brister, and Ice Road Trucker, Alex Debogorski. Award winning entertainers Sammy Kershaw, Lonestar, Suzy Bogguss and Aaron Tippin were all big hits on the show floor. On-site activities included a FMCSA listening session, educational seminars dealing with important industry issues such as CSA 2010 and driver health, OEM Ride-N-Drives, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cash and product give-a-ways, and many more show offerings. In addition, attendees had much to see and even more to do, with some of the most innovative products and technologies ever introduced on a tradeshow floor, including EGR, SCR, electric, alternative fuel, and "green" vehicles. Once the show came to a close it was apparent to all in attendance that the 2010 show was a resounding success, surpassing all pre-show expectations to the delight of attendees and exhibitors.

The Mid-America Trucking Show is the largest annual heavy-duty trucking industry event in the world. As the industry’s premier business venue, each year the show offers attendees the best opportunities for exploring new products and services, as well as insight into a variety of current industry issues via seminars and special events. The show attracts more than 900 exhibiting companies and 70,000+ attendees each year. The 2011 show will be held March 31-April 2, 2011 at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, Kentucky.

Today I had to meet with a gal from Workman’s Comp for a vocational evaluation. This assessment was to see what my skills and limitations are. There were a lot of questions about my hobbies and activities before the fall and what of that I can do now. It is this lady’s job to take what learned from me today and the doctors notes and go out and look for me a job that I can do within those limitations. After an hour and a half I broke down and cried when telling her my frustration at not being able to do the things I did before and not being able to drive a truck anymore. Trying to explain to someone that has never driven a truck what it is like to do and then to loose it is not an easy task. I know many of you have heard and read me talk about how trucking in more than just a job, it is a way of life and a life style. The nomadic nature of drivers in ingrained in them so deep that it becomes part of who they are and of who I am. Over the last couple on months as I have started school and had to try to integrate myself into the “real world”, I have had days that I hate my life. I have had days that I am angry at the world. I have had days that I ask why me and want to crawl into a whole and hid from all these crazy people that just don’t get me. I try to hang on to that fact that now I am chasing another dream I have had for several years. If not for the fall I am not sure that I would have taken the step to go to school and try to start another career in radio. I remind myself that I am smart, personable, and that the only one holding me back from chasing this dream is me. But it doesn’t always work. Even though I am doing well in my classes, I think I have at least one A, several high B’s and a C, I get scared. I wonder if I can really do this. All of this came out when talking with this lady today. I think that this meeting is another slap in the face that this is really happening, I am not going to back to truck driving, and that hurts.

The thing that made it even worse was the meeting with my lawyer after the lady left the office. My doctor has give me a 6% medical impairment rating. To get a rough dollar number as to what that means for a settlement we have that the 200 weeks that are allowed for a scheduled member, multiply that by the 6% (which equal 12 weeks) and then multiply that result by what I am getting per week from AIG for workman’s comp. That comes to $4787 for each wrist. Shane, my lawyer, says that it what I can count on getting at the very least. But that total will be multiplied by 4 or 5 because of the impact the injury has had on my life. So if we go with the hopeful number of 5, that total is $23935 per wrist. That is a total of $47871. Does that seem fair for how much of my life has been impacted by this injury? These are just base figures. Shane say he is going to shoot for 100 week times what I am getting weekly to start off with. That still only comes out to be $39893 per wrist for a total of $79786. Of course, he gets 25% of what ever settlement I get. This news did not go over well with me. I was really expecting more. I don’t want enough money to live off of the rest of my life, I just want enough that I don’t have to worry about how I am going to live while I got to college the next four years. Shane told me that workman’s comp laws are really not set up to deal with severely injured people. they figure that if you are severely injured, you will be going on social security disability. when I asked him I qualified for that, he said that they really are not set up for a partial permanent disability. He says that I do have a winnable case, but it would be a fight to get it. When I asked him if a lawyer would even touch it is it was going to be such a fight, he said they would, but that I didn’t want to start that until after the workman’s comp case is done.

So, I sit in limbo once again, not knowing what is going to happen and how I am going to survive the next few years while I try ti finish college and start a new career. But as much as there are days that I really want to give up, I am just not that kind of person. I am a survivor and a fighter. One way or another, I will adapt and overcome!!


South Carolina Truck Show Set for June 25-26 in Charleston

Will be broadcast on Charleston’s premiere TV station WLCN TV 18,

and streamed via Internet around the world

Charleston, SC, (Feb. 12, 2010) – Charleston, South Carolina, home to some of the most beautiful beaches and great American history, will be the site for the South Carolina Truck Show. The event is being held this June 25 and 26 at the Faith Assembly of God Church, 337 Farmington Road, Exit 199 off I-26.

Faith Assembly of God Church is hosting the event, with all proceeds going to missions work.

The event will showcase the latest in trucking technology and equipment. Recruiters will be on hand for those seeking employment opportunities in the transportation industry.

Show trucks will be on display and trucks of all kinds will be competing for prizes in a truck “beauty contest.” Awards will be presented based on overall appearance, paint, murals, graphics, lighting, cab interior and more. A special light show competition, great fun for the entire family, is set for the night of June 25.

The South Carolina Truck Show is a part of The National Association of Show Trucks (NAST), an organization dedicated to encourage, support and promote activities related to the trucking industry by showing pride in trucks and truck operations, and to ensure uniformity, commonality and fairness in all competitive truck events.

On hand at the South Carolina Truck Show to help with all the festivities will be Lowboy Lucas, founder and star of American Trucking Report (ATR), which airs live each Wednesday and Friday at 7 p.m. Eastern Time on WLCN TV 18 – High-Definition Television in Charleston, South Carolina.

The South Carolina Truck Show will be broadcast on Charleston’s Premiere TV station and will be streamed via Internet around the world.

Special room rates are available at the nearby Holiday Inn Express ($69.95), 843-875-3000; Days Inn ($51.95), 843-797-1214; and Best Western Magnolia Inn & Suites ($60.00), 843-553-8888. Ask for Truck Show Rates when making reservations.

For more information on the South Carolina Truck Show, call 843-376-2418 or e-mail

Well Welcome to March
We all have been working hard here at Snakebite Racing as the road to Louisville continues. The car is now painted and just waiting for Kelly at Keltech to finish of the graphics.
Our car will be on display over in the Papa Johns parking lot. Which is just a short bus ride from the truck show. We will be there for the length of the truck show with tons of stuff to do. Brian the Brain will be with us and also our newest member of the crew Garry Morrison. Garry takes care of all the body work on the car now.
Thursday after the show we invite everyone over to our pit to watch the unveiling of the 2010 version of the Airtab, Morrison Automotive, The Peoples Journal, Consolidated Accounting Services Chevy Malibu. This will happen around 1 hour after the truck show  closes.
We invite everyone Friday morning between 7 AM and 9AM for breakfast with Snakebite racing. This is a free breakfast with coffee sponsored by Snakebite Racing.
Friday night come on by for an old fashion back to basics sing around the camp fire. Well maybe the camp fire will make for a great visit for all you drivers and friends.
Along with all of this Thursday and Friday there will be a live demonstration with Airtab on just how easy it is to install this great product.  
Over the last ten days we have been watching the Olympics as much as possible. After all we in Canada were the host country. As I watched our Canadian Athletes win and loose there was something building in me and the rest of our country. Canadian pride!
And boy did we show it to. Now for those of you that are not familiar with us Canadians we are a laid back bunch of people. We say sorry a lot. And do not forget that most of our sentences end in (EH!). But as I was able to watch the last full weekend of the Olympics with my family at home I knew that all across this nation of ours Canadian pride was running rampant. Sure there were a few hick-ups along the way. But the pride of the red and white built every day.
We in Canada love our hockey. There is just no other way of putting it. To fully understand what I mean you really need to immerse your self into the sport and then you will understand.
And when it comes to the Olympics well now the hockey fever really hits you were it counts. After all this is the father land of hockey. And to have another country come in and beat us! Well that can not be! From coast to coast every game that had the woman’s and men,s hockey teams playing everywhere there was a TV set or a radio you would find a Canadian listening or watching the game.
And then it came down to the Americans and the Canadians for gold! I do not know the TV rating,s as I write this column,but I can only guess at this point.
I do know one thing my dear friend Rusty at the Mid American Truck show will have to serve me dinner and that I can hardly wait for. Even your President Obama has to buy our Steven Harper a case of Molson Canadian Beer. Commonly known as a 24 in Canada.
But with the Olympics over with its back to getting the car ready for Louisville. But with a new and revived feeling of “I believe.” I believe that this year will be our best year ever. I believe that this year will be the year of our first Wally. I believe that this year we will have more fun as a team and look forward to it.
By taking the Olympic spirit with us this year, I Believe!!
Chow for now.