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Well how’s everyone’s winter going? We here at Snakebite Racing Have been very busy. We were down at the body shop yesterday looking over a very sad looking race car. It had been taken all a part by Gary Morrison getting the car ready for paint. Brian took some pictures of a work in progress and this is about the last time any one will see this colour on our car.

Keltech Designs in Fergus will get the car after the painting is all done and put the new graphics on for us. All the parts are now in sitting in my bedroom just waiting for all the other work to be completed and then it will be Andy’s and my turn to rebuild the motor.

So the road to Louisville continues.

This week we had some interesting developments here on the home front too. Our dodge dually got into an accident and we are just waiting for the other body shop to call and tell us that the parts are in to fix it. Then we can take it in to be fixed. That same day our oldest boy Robbie was travelling with one of his friends and was involved in a minor mishap with their car.

Thankfully none of them were hurt.
So we hope to meet many of you at MATS this year. On the Thursday night after the show in the Papa Johns parking lot were we will be set up our newest sponsor Airtab LLC will be there to give a live demonstration on how to install your own set of Airtabs. They will answer any questions you may have about their fine product.

We are very happy to have Airtabs on board this year as an Associate sponsor. After talking with drivers that have Airtabs on their trucks they have told me that the benefit to having them on their trucks and trailers is great! With fuel savings along with more visibility in rain they cannot be beat. Of course we can not for get about more stability when driving thru wind too one driver told me. So that was good enough for me. I made a phone call to Jack and the rest is history. We are even going all out and trying them on our race car this year. If they work on trucks & trailers of all kinds then why not a race car as our speeds are dramatic compared to interstate speed.

We feel this will help us when it comes to all the winds we face at some race tracks we attend every year.
With the addition of Airtabs to our truck and trailer we will be able to enjoy the benefits and saving’s that other people, that have installed them on their vehicles,  have. The safety aspect alone for our crew is a great plus as we travel to races and shows.

Well that’s it for this month. Just think the days are getting longer. And it is only 76 days to go until opening day of racing at Empire Dragway and that’s where you will find us at our first race. But it is Louisville and all you happy drivers first.