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Imagine nearly reaching the maturing age of 60 before attending your first big truck show (Cheryl Lynn is several years younger than me) but good things come to those who wait.

As motorcyclists for many years we have been to countless biker rallies, rodeos, poker runs and other exciting 2 wheel events, been to many classic car cruise-ins and in general "hung out" with many people of various professions and outlooks on life. Being a musician since the 60’s (and hanging with  Cheryl Lynn, my favorite Groupie / Roadie since 1963) has also afforded many different venues and exciting nights.

They tell me

Burnt Beans (Don) has been a great friend for many years and has tried to get me to the truck show for the past several years but terrible weather or other commitments have prevented me from going and after all, what could there possibly be at a truck show?

Well this year things were different. The weather forecast sounded pretty good, I didn’t have another gig booked, the Harley was still hibernating and wouldn’t know the difference and heck, my Dad was an over the road long distance trucker back in the late 60s and early 70s but never really talked about his experiences.

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