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The 13th Annual National Day of Prayer for Truckers will be conducted March 24, 2012 at the Truckers Pavilion located in the Papa John Stadium parking lot in Louisville, KY at 5:00PM.

The program will be presented in conjunction with the 41st Annual Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville. Shuttle buses will operate between the Truckers Pavilion in the parking lot and the exhibition halls.

Joe Hunter, President of TruckStop Ministries, will voice the prayer. Chaplain Joe is heard weekly on the Dave Nemo Truckers show on XM Radio.

Jan McCarter, an owner-operator and a musical artist in her own right, will present the National Anthem and special music leading up to the prayer. It has been rumored that Bobby Boofay might make an appearance as well.

Jerry and Sharon Benson will present special music following the prayer. They are known for their musical talent and their willingness to give of themselves ministering to drivers.

Sharon has won the Favorite Female Vocalist of the Year Award in the gospel music industry. Jerry is involved with trucking as a driver and as an owner operator.

Bob Hataway, President of TransAliveUSA, will serve as MC. Hataway stated, "It is a privilege each year to be involved with the National Day of Prayer for Truckers."

Fourteen years ago Bob Hataway and Joe Hunter met at the Mid America Trucking Show and planned the first National Day of Prayer for Truckers. It has now grown to include truckers worldwide.

We receive requests each year from drivers across the globe to include them. "With 21st century internet technology, we can now involve drivers worldwide," Hataway declared.

We invite truckers who cannot attend to join with us at 5:00PM, your local time, to pray for truckers and their families. Prayers offered at local times will ensure prayers being offered throughout the evening.

Carriers, trucking companies, company drivers, owner operators, vendors, truckstops, receivers, and shippers can set aside a moment of silence at 5:00PM on March 24, 2012 for prayer for the truckers and their families.

The National Day of Prayer for Truckers is sponsored by TransAlive USA, Truckstop Ministries, Transport for Christ, and Tim Young, CEO Mid-America Trucking Show/EMA in Louisville, KY.

Exhibitors at MATS are encouraged to assign a representative from their booth to join the National Day of Prayer for Truckers at the Truckers Pavilion at Papa John Stadium parking lot. Shuttle buses are available between the pavilion and the exhibition halls.

For further information, please contact Bob Hataway at (817) 320-0567 or email


July 14, 1957-January 17, 2012

When a driver leaves this world, many people are left behind. When James (Rick) Lawhun began his ultimate journey January 17, 2012, he left behind his loving wife of 20 years and family. Taken unexpectedly, Rick left a lasting impression on many people and his wife, Teresa, remembers him and is reaching out to a family that took Rick as one of their own…a family a truckers.

Teresa wrote “Like so many of the last of the Highway Cowboys or White Knights, He was a different breed, A professional always when it came to his driving…courteous, helpful safe”. She remembers him as a professional, safe and helpful driver who not only used common sense but a sense of humor to do his job and help others. “He was the only man I knew that could talk his way out of a ticket. After he made a u-turn with a set of doubles in front of a cop. convincing the officer that he didn’t see what he thought he seen. “

His wife also remembers him as a practical joker and always looking to make you laugh and smile no matter how bad it really was. “He had no problem being brutally honest. Then convince you he was right. If you called him for comforting word. He would say “I may not have the right words for you, but I can help you cry”. By the end of the conversation he would have you laughing.”

Teresa is reaching out to Rick’s “other” family, a family close knit and always reaching out to help. When Rick passed away, finances were available to lay him to rest but there was not enough to pass a marker for his final resting place. Teresa has asked for drivers to help in this. Whether it be a dime or a dollar, every little bit helps. The family is asking is for assistance in paying for a marker. Donations can be made through and placing Rick’s name or “monument” in the comment section. The Jacob Russell Boulanger Memorial Fund for Truckers Inc. will be doing a pass through to the the Houpt Monument Co of Marion, OH. Funds will be collected by the organization and passed through to the monument company for Rick’s final marker.

JRBM fund is a registered 501(c)3 charitable organization with the purpose of providing a hand up, not a hand out; truckers helping truckers.


Right click and print this picture and take it with you to Applebee’s if you are dining anywhere in the Louisville area on Wednesday or Thursday while visiting the Mid-America Truck Show.  If you give a copy of this flyer to your waitress when you order a percentage of your check will be donated to the JRB Memorial Fund.

On Wednesday, December 14, 2011, the Office of Administrative Law
approved amendments to the Truck and Bus Regulation. The
amendments are effective immediately, with the first compliance
date being January 1, 2012. By that date, fleets with vehicles
having a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) greater than 26,000
pounds must do either of the following:
- Retrofit 1996-1999 model year engines with Air Resources Board
(ARB) verified particulate matter (PM) filters, OR
- Have 30 percent of the heavier vehicles in the fleet equipped
with a PM filter (either a retrofitted verified PM filter or an
original equipment PM filter installed on a 2007 or later
model-year vehicle).
There are no PM filter requirements for trucks with a GVWR of
between 14,000 and 26,001 pounds, or for small fleets (1 to 3
Be advised that truck owners must report to ARB by January 31,
2012 to take advantage of the PM filter phase-in option or other
flexibility provisions in the regulation. Small fleets (1 to 3
trucks) with a GVWR greater than 14,000 pounds must also report
to delay compliance for their heavier trucks until January 1,
2014. The online reporting system and user guide are available
In order to avoid potential enforcement action by ARB, fleets
that have not met the PM filter requirements by January 1, 2012
are strongly advised to make every effort to bring the fleet into
compliance as soon as possible.
On December 11, 2008, the Board approved for adoption the Truck
and Bus regulation to control emissions from nearly all existing
diesel powered heavy-duty trucks and buses operating in
California. The regulation became effective under California law
on January 8, 2010. The regulation applies to diesel fueled
trucks and buses with a GVWR greater than 14,000 pounds that are
owned by private persons, including businesses, and by the
federal government. The regulation also applies to publicly and
privately owned school buses. Local and state government owned
diesel fueled trucks and non-school buses are already subject to
other ARB regulations. Reducing emissions from in-use trucks and
buses is necessary to meet federally imposed clean air standards
and to reduce the adverse health effects from truck and bus
On December 17, 2010, the staff recommended amendments to the
regulation that were subsequently adopted by the Board on
September 19, 2011 and approved by the Office of Administrative
Law on December 14, 2011. The amended Truck and Bus Regulation
delays the initial requirement to phase-in installation of PM
filters by one year to January 1, 2012 and extends the time
before a vehicle equipped with a PM filter would have to have an
engine that meets 2010 model year emission standards. The
amendments also defer initial engine replacements for older
vehicles without PM filters for two years until January 1, 2015
at the earliest. Prior to 2020, replacements are limited only to
20 year old or older trucks that are not equipped with PM
filters. By January 1, 2023, most vehicles will need to be
equipped with an engine meeting 2010 model year emission



The Trucker Charity Christmas Group has been successful in its effort by providing 49 families over $30,000 in their 3 year run. They have spawned a full-time organization dedicated to helping truckers in need. OOIDA Life Member Lance Wood of Summerfield, IL, is a member of the Christmas group. He now heads Trucker Charity, Inc., a 501(c)(3) that helps truckers in need year round by; "Getting them fed, getting them safe and getting them home". Just last month they were able to get 5 drivers home from being stranded on the road under various circumstances, some referred to them by OOIDA.
They raise funds by selling items on the Trucker Charity Christmas Group Fundraising website and via donations. Nominations for needy trucking families will be accepted through Saturday, Dec. 19th.
On Dec 19th, a panel of volunteers, including OOIDA Member Kerry Mullins of West Lafayette In, and OOIDA Life Member Ralph Acocella of Hickory, NC, will review applications start the selection process which is done by a secret vote and based on a point system for an unbiased treatment of the families.
Mullins is the secretary of Trucker Charity and has been involved in the last 2 fund drives. He is hopeful this will be the best year yet but they need the help from fellow trucker’s to make it happen. This is Acocella’s 2nd on the panel, and he is looking forward to helping his fellow drivers with some Christmas joy. Trucker’s helping Trucker’s, that’s what it’s all about with these professionals.

Trucker Charity Inc is a 501(c)(3) charity with it’s main office located in Summerfield Ill.