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So one night Gary mentioned that he really wanted to have The Truckin Bozo’s name on his race car. I told him I would have to ask Dale as that  name is trademarked.  While we were talking I asked him if “ could sponsor the car and get our name on the car too.  From that beginning, the fun began.

The caged monster on the way to Bradenton

Later as time passed, a discussion of Gary’s car led to the formation of a coalition of fans of the overnight radio show that Dale did for over 20 years.  That show continues today with Steve his son as the host, and Bubba Bo a long time Cincinnati radio favorite filling in on the weekends.

Dale of course is on Sirius and XM radio in the afternoons from 4 to 7 east coast time.


Those fans decided to raise $1000 and also sponsor the car. In just a few days the money was raised from donations of individual drivers who wanted to prove that the show still had a legion of fans listening to 700 WLW and to the XM RADIO channel 152 where it is also carried.


The decals for the fans were made, and applied the night before the cars first qualifying round.

I think that decal stands as a testament to the fact that drivers can come together and that drivers have a community spirit that even goes to helping one of their own compete on this level of drag racing.

The ATN Fan decal was applied the night before the first qualifying run!

When you hear about truck drivers being people who take the job because they cant do anything else. think about how just this one case demonstrates that truck drivers are normal people, but normal people who drive trucks rather than work in offices.

This car is sponsored by , driven by, and will be racing to show support for truck drivers. If you are coming to MATS, and you plan on parking at Poppa Johns Parking lot, bring your own story, bring your own hobby,   Yes in one part of the parking lot you will find this race car and hauler, and in other parts of the lot you will find truckers who rescue needy animals, who support compelling charities, and who promote the trucking community every way imaginable.  Join them and have a great time when the show is over in the evenings. I hear plans for weddings, concerts, convoys, charity drives, charity auctions, and of course food to be SHARED free from one driver to another, in small groups and large groups.  Some of the events are for fun like a “tin foil hat” contest on Thursday evening, and a costume party on Friday evening. Other events are more serious such as a real wedding and charity functions. All in all expect to come and join in showing ourselves and anyone who notices that truck drivers are real people and that they are good people.

Bob Heans

Well where has the summer gone here it is August all ready. It just seems like yesterday we were at the MATS show to kick of the year.

This year has been a challenging year to say the least. We joined the AHRA which we hoped would expand our racing program this year. This how ever was not to be. We do not know what happened to the AHRA but they have seemed to gone by the way side.

There website has not been updated in some time and races kept getting cancelled or postponed.

With a membership paid for and a race pre-entered we are now in the process of trying to get our money back for this failed effort.

So far this year our car has lived up to what we expected. Andy,Brian and myself seem to find a little more every time we are at a racetrack.

an album of photos from Laura Knapp

July 30th and 31st found our team in full flight at Toronto Motorsports Park.

For the 2010 edition Of Rich Christensen’s Armdrop Live.

If you ever have seen Pinks all Out on Speed TV you know what we were doing for $10.000. And what a blast we had their to. We arrived late Thursday night as we were in the shop much longer than we had planned due to maintenance on our car.

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For those of you that were lucky enough to make it to the 2010 MATS show in Louisville Ky. You were not let down. The organizers of the show did a great job again. This year I did not see any waits at the registration booths which is a good thing if you only have a limited amount of time to see the show. But people who come with limited time always say this was my first time at MATS and I did not know it was so big. Then the next comment from them is I will come next year for all three days.

I have not been to Mats for many years myself due to many different reasons. This year I was glad to be there to see old friends and make new ones. For those of you that know me. I can be very critical of a lot of things. I am a no holds barred kind of guy. If I do not like someone or something believe me you will be the first to know.

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Well Welcome to March
We all have been working hard here at Snakebite Racing as the road to Louisville continues. The car is now painted and just waiting for Kelly at Keltech to finish of the graphics.
Our car will be on display over in the Papa Johns parking lot. Which is just a short bus ride from the truck show. We will be there for the length of the truck show with tons of stuff to do. Brian the Brain will be with us and also our newest member of the crew Garry Morrison. Garry takes care of all the body work on the car now.
Thursday after the show we invite everyone over to our pit to watch the unveiling of the 2010 version of the Airtab, Morrison Automotive, The Peoples Journal, Consolidated Accounting Services Chevy Malibu. This will happen around 1 hour after the truck show  closes.
We invite everyone Friday morning between 7 AM and 9AM for breakfast with Snakebite racing. This is a free breakfast with coffee sponsored by Snakebite Racing.
Friday night come on by for an old fashion back to basics sing around the camp fire. Well maybe the camp fire will make for a great visit for all you drivers and friends.
Along with all of this Thursday and Friday there will be a live demonstration with Airtab on just how easy it is to install this great product.  
Over the last ten days we have been watching the Olympics as much as possible. After all we in Canada were the host country. As I watched our Canadian Athletes win and loose there was something building in me and the rest of our country. Canadian pride!
And boy did we show it to. Now for those of you that are not familiar with us Canadians we are a laid back bunch of people. We say sorry a lot. And do not forget that most of our sentences end in (EH!). But as I was able to watch the last full weekend of the Olympics with my family at home I knew that all across this nation of ours Canadian pride was running rampant. Sure there were a few hick-ups along the way. But the pride of the red and white built every day.
We in Canada love our hockey. There is just no other way of putting it. To fully understand what I mean you really need to immerse your self into the sport and then you will understand.
And when it comes to the Olympics well now the hockey fever really hits you were it counts. After all this is the father land of hockey. And to have another country come in and beat us! Well that can not be! From coast to coast every game that had the woman’s and men,s hockey teams playing everywhere there was a TV set or a radio you would find a Canadian listening or watching the game.
And then it came down to the Americans and the Canadians for gold! I do not know the TV rating,s as I write this column,but I can only guess at this point.
I do know one thing my dear friend Rusty at the Mid American Truck show will have to serve me dinner and that I can hardly wait for. Even your President Obama has to buy our Steven Harper a case of Molson Canadian Beer. Commonly known as a 24 in Canada.
But with the Olympics over with its back to getting the car ready for Louisville. But with a new and revived feeling of “I believe.” I believe that this year will be our best year ever. I believe that this year will be the year of our first Wally. I believe that this year we will have more fun as a team and look forward to it.
By taking the Olympic spirit with us this year, I Believe!!
Chow for now.


Well how’s everyone’s winter going? We here at Snakebite Racing Have been very busy. We were down at the body shop yesterday looking over a very sad looking race car. It had been taken all a part by Gary Morrison getting the car ready for paint. Brian took some pictures of a work in progress and this is about the last time any one will see this colour on our car.

Keltech Designs in Fergus will get the car after the painting is all done and put the new graphics on for us. All the parts are now in sitting in my bedroom just waiting for all the other work to be completed and then it will be Andy’s and my turn to rebuild the motor.

So the road to Louisville continues.

This week we had some interesting developments here on the home front too. Our dodge dually got into an accident and we are just waiting for the other body shop to call and tell us that the parts are in to fix it. Then we can take it in to be fixed. That same day our oldest boy Robbie was travelling with one of his friends and was involved in a minor mishap with their car.

Thankfully none of them were hurt.
So we hope to meet many of you at MATS this year. On the Thursday night after the show in the Papa Johns parking lot were we will be set up our newest sponsor Airtab LLC will be there to give a live demonstration on how to install your own set of Airtabs. They will answer any questions you may have about their fine product.

We are very happy to have Airtabs on board this year as an Associate sponsor. After talking with drivers that have Airtabs on their trucks they have told me that the benefit to having them on their trucks and trailers is great! With fuel savings along with more visibility in rain they cannot be beat. Of course we can not for get about more stability when driving thru wind too one driver told me. So that was good enough for me. I made a phone call to Jack and the rest is history. We are even going all out and trying them on our race car this year. If they work on trucks & trailers of all kinds then why not a race car as our speeds are dramatic compared to interstate speed.

We feel this will help us when it comes to all the winds we face at some race tracks we attend every year.
With the addition of Airtabs to our truck and trailer we will be able to enjoy the benefits and saving’s that other people, that have installed them on their vehicles,  have. The safety aspect alone for our crew is a great plus as we travel to races and shows.

Well that’s it for this month. Just think the days are getting longer. And it is only 76 days to go until opening day of racing at Empire Dragway and that’s where you will find us at our first race. But it is Louisville and all you happy drivers first.