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I sit sometimes and wonder how America can survive. The Government  seems bent on destroying the country.

The full power of the executive branch is focused on pretending to care for the American worker while behind the scenes those who wield the power in pretense of saving American jobs, make even more jobs vanish in search of cheaper labor or evasion of the very onerous regulations they promote to “save the planet from AGW”.

Then I encounter one of the “little things” that bring hope that some American businesses are beginning to understand that “BUY AMERICAN” is not only possible, but a necessary stance American businesses and consumers have got to put in practice if we want to save our own ability to work and spend money.

Here is a ‘little thing” I noticed this week that actually gave me hope.soap1soap2

I took a shower at the TCA South Jacksonville, Florida. Instead of the usual MADE IN INDIA soap the TCA chain usually offers in their showers, I found this beautiful bar of soap! 

Thank you to whoever decided to buy soap made in America instead, I hope to see these more often until they are everywhere. It is one of the little things that can begin to turn this economy back from the brink of collapse.


How much BS can they pile up before there is a smell that cannot be denied? There’s something rotten in Washington D. C.

It was clear that the CSA plan was a joke from the beginning.
When the person who designed this sham safety scoring system that allowed major carriers to lose their unsatisfactory safety ratings and claim to be among the safest trucks on the road retired from their Department of Transportation job and was immediately hired as a vice president of a safety consulting firm used by those same carriers to promote their safe image it was clear.
When the state patrols of states that have harassed out of state truckers so much in the past that truckers have resorted to convoys and economic boycott immediately increased their issuance of non refutable "warnings" for imagined offenses it was clear.
When the size divisions that were touted as having companies only judged against their peers was rigged to make smaller trucking companies automatically have higher scores than larger companies, and the separation of offense categories made rectifying this magnified imaginary bad record almost impossible, it was clear.
BUT now we have the forced re-imposition of the banned by congress Mexican cross border "pilot project" to prove that the FMCSA cares nothing about safety or even about common sense. They live to serve the K street lobbyists.
No matter that they pretended to not spend money putting this cross border project together while in fact spending record budgets on it while forcing American taxpayers to supply Mexican trucks with equipment American truckers have to furnish at their own expense.
No matter that the state department, the American military and almost every law enforcement agency in our country knows that the police and government in Mexico is either not in control of governance in some areas, or are but are under the control of the same drug cartels that are killing thousands in Mexico, and seeking desperately to ship contraband and laundered money across that border in both directions.
No matter that congress forbade the FMCSA to spend money setting up a sham cross border pilot project they can simply claim people working under other budgets did all the work right? Isn’t that like claiming to buy food with food stamps while trading them with the local car dealer for a new ride? Did anyone object? They certainly would object to the welfare recipient who is trading food stamps in for car payments.
American truck drivers have a 10 year job history ( with no gaps) and a unified traffic offense record ( your state MVR) and now even a federal record of all interaction with inspectors and certified police even to the local levels ( CSA score).
None of these data bases exist on any level of confidence in MEXICO so the FMCSA is granting WAIVERS. How much sense does this make? The NAFTA Agreement does not demand this.
This entire cross border dog and pony show is a sham from the beginning to it’s predictable end with the opening of our border to Mexican cross border trucking. It is happening to appease the K Street crowd that reacted only to the illegal imposition of an import tax in Mexico on selected American goods. It represents our government kneeling in surrender to the crowds of globalist manufacturers who want cheap Mexican assembly plants at any cost.
Instead of occupying Wall Street, Americans who want honest government should be occupying K street! That is where the real problem comes from.

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I am stopped at the Travel Center of America in Terrell, Texas.  I like to come here any time I have to hang out in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex area to get away from the city, and because they have concrete for a parking lot instead of asphalt. The air is cooler in the summer time with concrete.

I unloaded Wednesday  and might have stayed at the drivers in Anna, but the lure of the free showers and a restraunt I have been eating at for years drew me out here to Terrell.  I did enjoy the shower, and the wait staff and cooks at the restaurant are still doing a pretty good job of keeping the food from being boring.

Something new has appeared here, and I talked to the employee who services it.  In fact he said he had only installed it a few days ago, so I took pictures and made a small video. TCA has listened to pet owing truck drivers and at least in this location is beginning to crate a “pet area”.petarea1

I asked about plans and was told it will have fescue grass and that grass will be watered. I asked if he knew of any plans to put a chain link fence around it with gates so that drivers could take their pets off leash, but he did not think they were going to fence the area.  I didn’t ask if they had thought of bordering the grass area with shade trees, maybe they will think of it, after all if they are going to put in sprinklers for the grass they could get some crab apple trees pretty cheap around here.  Crab apple seems to be the shade tree of choice around Dallas.

Travel Centers of America Terrell, Tx

My hat is off to the management at TCA they have with this one little post and those plans to plant grass proven to every driver with a pet that they are listening.


The newly formed group “Trucker’s United for Charities” will make their debut at the Great American Truck Show in Dallas, TX August 25 – 27, 2011.

We will be cooking Burgers & Brats in the parking lot, accompanied by entertainment supplied by fellow truck drivers & various other entertainers who will be appearing at or for venues within the show. There will also be donation jars at various vendors booths at the show.

Trucker’s United for Charities motto is: “Truckers & friends helping others, one mile at a time”. In keeping with this, all proceeds from our efforts will be donated to the Portland Children’s Hospital in Portland, OR in the name of one of our lost angels, Chance Rogers, who recently lost his battle with Cancer. Portland Children’s Hospital was the facility that treated Chance through much of his battle.

If you are unable to attend GATS, and would like to contribute to the Memorial fund, you may email A reply will be sent to you with instructions for donations.

Joining in our efforts in the parking lot will be representatives of Joining in our efforts in the parking lot will be representatives of other charities working with us there to prove we all do work together for good.

Our charity was asked to help truckers help the citizens who have been so profoundly affected by the recent natural disasters. After some discussion we realized that we could by applying for expedited approval of our 501c3 from the IRS use our directed donations clause to allow the charity to be used by truckers to accomplish their own missions to bring aid and comfort to these victims of disaster and guarantee that those efforts were legally charitable donations for income tax purposes. stop20511011342a The items being transported are the donations of drivers and other citizens, the people being succored with these donated items are drivers and other citizens, but the donated activity is done by truckers and our mission is to assist truckers. That activity is the transportation of those donations from the donor to the recipient.

This is news coverage of where Sam went with the first loads.

As individuals we proceeded with this mission. Now that the IRS has informed us that our 501c3 status is approved, we stand ready to assist any driver who wishes to contribute to that mission. donations1donations2donations3   One of the pickup loads of donations gathering at the Travel Centers of America in Jeffersonville, Ohio. Thank you Bootlegger, thank you drivers from ABF, and thank you employees of the Travel Centers of America for helping us to help truckers help Americans in need!