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This article will update every few days, It is prompted by Angel the first friend to send me his photos from MATS. 

He sent me a few photos from the Burnt Beans food tent, and some of the pictures from the convoy for Special Olympics.

Here are the photos I have received to date. I will post more as I receive them.


Leland Martin records new song with benefits going to Jack Kapanka

Leland with Jack Kapanka

Attention Truckers, Leland Martin is now selling a benefit CD with 100% of the profits going to singer Jack Kapanka, who was involved in a major traffic accident.  Jack is recovering fine but with multiple surgeries his medical bills are mounting making it extremely difficult for his family.  Jack, known for his trucking song “America Moves by Truck” has always been there for truckers, being involved in many of the Trucking Convoys’ for Special Olympics.  See the message below from Leland with a link to take you to his store to purchase the tribute song he wrote about Jack.  Whether you are a trucker or not, please consider helping Jack, he is a true Patriot!!

Hi fans,

I wrote a song about Jack, and I want to share it with you. It is called "One Eyed Jack"! I want to help Jack and his family during this difficult time for them. I have put this song on a C.D., and it is on my store page right now! For $5.00, shipping and handling included in price, you can own this song! My tribute to one of the most loved and respected entertainers in the trucking and music industry!  I am also adding a bonus song on the C.D.!!!  The long awaited “Truckers D.J.” with Country Dan!  Thank you Country Dan for wanting to be a part of this idea to help Jack.  100% of the profit from this 2 song collectors C.D. will be donated to Jack Kapanka and his family.  Please go to this link to purchase:

Also for those of you that are not familiar with Jack, visit his website: and get some of his music while you are there.  Thank you fans for all your support.  God Bless and remember our brave Soldiers and Veterans!!!            Leland Martin

There are people who do not have internet access, for them Leland included his address!

Martin Merchandising
     PO Box 171
     Hartville, MO  65667

Press Release

Written By: Dave Smith
Guest Correspondent

Why would someone want to attend a Special Olympic Convoy ??? The reasons are numerous as I see it. We are very lucky to be able to attend convoys all over America, for us getting up in the morning and eating breakfast and off to driving where ever we drive to to get the load there on time. Sure sounds easy, now lets look at it from a different perspective. We get up in the morning and have to have someone help us get dressed and fix us breakfast and because we are not able to drive a vehicle to get us to our work place let alone hold a license or even own a vehicle. We have to depend on someone to get us to work if we are able to work and get us home again.
These people are so special and do live in a different world than we know. Some are able to attend Special Olympic camps and sports activities, softball, bowling, basketball and track and field, soccer and swimming. By participating in these sports, people learn to be part of a team and team work, there is no "I" in team and they learn to work together, there are no losers, everyone wins.

Largest Fleet in the Convoy Award

When we, as truck drivers and owner operators, attend a convoy we develop friendships with athletes and their parents and/or guardians. Yes some parents give up their special needs child to someone willing to take them and love and nurture them for the rest of there lives. We may only get to see these athletes once a year, but they do remember us and our trucks and yes many ride with the same driver year after year.
I have been very lucky to attend convoys in Florida, Delaware, Texas, Kentucky and my home state of Nebraska and meet some wonderful people,not only in Special Olympics but also the trucking industry, media, state and local government and also in law enforcement, but mostly it is the athletes I have been fortunate to meet. That’s why we put the convoys on, it is for the athletes. All the funds generated from a convoy stay in the state where the convoys is held. It take a 100 dollars per athlete to send that athlete to camp. It is left up to the parent or guardian to get the athlete to and from camp,
As most convoys go, Friday night is Family night, a big cook out and fun and games with interaction with the athletes and their parents or guardian. Of course the trucks are the center of attraction, all cleaned up and shining. In Nebraska we have a softball game, the athletes versus the truck drivers. In 6 years the truckers never have won a game.
Every athlete gets to hit the ball and run the bases and we even have had athletes in wheel chairs play with a member of law enforcement or a fire fighter to run them around the bases It is a sight to see, with smiles and cheers from someone that enjoys the game.

Saturday Softball Game Opening

Then after the big softball game, it’s time for dinner and cake and ice cream and the dance with a live band, (the band donates the time and gas to get to the convoy.) Athletes do love to dance and sing karaoke.
Saturday morning at first light, the big diesel engines come to life and the drivers look for that 1st cup of coffee and a doughnut as the big day starts very early. A drivers meeting is held and then we move on to opening ceremonies with people speaking from local and state government and the chaplain of the Nebraska Highway Patrol offers a prayer for the safety of our convoy. Then everyone loads up in their trucks, drivers and athletes, some riding with the same driver for many years, once again back to the development of friendships.
Then with lights flashing, sirens screaming, and air horns blowing, away we go.

Saturday Morning Opening

People are lining both sides of a four lane road waving signs and just waving to the trucks with athletes on board, big smiles abound. We go twenty mile north to Bosselman Travel Center with people waving signs and banners and cameras going off all over the place. Once every truck is safely parked, lunch is served. Then the awards are handed out, awards for the farthest traveled, the lead truck, the largest fleet and the athletes choice award (were the athletes pick their favorite truck and no truck can win more than once). An auction is held and extra t-shirts and caps are sold, also coffee mugs are sold to those who want them. Once again all this money is keep in the state for Special Olympics programs for athletes.
When a driver comes to a convoy he pays a $100.00 entry fee to be in the convoy and in these tough times $100.00 seems like a lot. It is also tough to lose money if he or she parks a truck for the weekend. So why do drivers try desperately to get to convoys to participate in them?

Law Enforcement Escorting The Convoy

If YOU wonder why, lets look at if from a different angle just a minute.
How much money does one put out for chrome or lights in a year? How much money do you spend at Walmart for things you only think you need? Maybe you could skip a couple of wash jobs? Maybe forgo a night in a casino? Yes times are tough right now in the trucking industry, but time are always tough for someone with special needs! We convoy to help raise money to meet those needs because WE CAN!

Some of the Participants

Come join with us this year, pitch in together as an industry that has always had a lot of compassion for people and let’s help out by going to a convoy near you and enjoy a few hours of fun. It is a life changing weekend for you, and possibly for many others as well. A lot of funds and programs are being cut because of money isn’t there right now. It’s tight for everyone, it would be awful to see programs cut for Special Olympics or Convoys cut because we as an industry didn’t help.
So is $100.00 for two days worth of fun and eats a lot, I sure don’t think so.
Special Olympics Website!

Special Atheletes Having a Blast