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While home in Troy , Alabama I visited the ho house.  I will let the food Jihad pictures speak for themselves..

Another food Jihad experience I had last week at Beto Junction Kansas..

Burnt Beans and I decided to try to avoid doing the dishes again this morning at Sierra Sids’. They probably would remember us from last night and would be ready for us, so we walked across the street in front of Sierra Sids’ to the “Black Bear Diner.”



Jessie Was our waitress, and she seemed to have some idea how to deal with us, for instance the first thing she did was grab me by the ear and demand to see some money in my wallet before she would let us order breakfast!  We think Mr. Smith must have called her and warned her about us.  Don captured the moment!


Dave had touted the chicken fried steak so much that I had to try it. Looking at the menu I saw a breakfast with it, “The Big Foot",” so I ordered it. Don ordered the breakfast just below it on the menu called “The Grizzly.”  Here is a menu shot showing the two breakfasts.Image05242011081913

When the breakfasts arrived they were stupendous. I shot a few pictures so that you can see what they were like, and then Don and I tried to eat as much as we could!

The last picture was taken after we finished eating, and shows how much was left to chose from for Puppy’s “Doggie box”. (No wonder he is so fat LOL!)



What “Food Jihad” visit would be complete with out a picture of the fabulous deserts offered at the Black Bear Diner.  So here is a short sample of what you see when you walk in the door and a few “Food Jihad” proof we were there photos.  No we have not yet recovered any hunger so we have not yet been back across the street to try those deserts.. Want to make a bet (this is Sparks Nevada after all) on whether there will be an update to this story featuring :”Desert?”

Rated *****

Mary and I stopped while we were going north on US 95 from Las Vegas to Reno.  We were coming into Beatty, Nevada and decided to stop and find some dinner and coffee.

On the north end of town we found a place where you can park as many as 12 trucks using the shoulder of the road and a small dirt lot.

We were so impressed by the Spaghetti dinner we had that night, I decided on my way south to stop again for a meal and to take a few pictures.


I carried my video camera inside, and took a few shots so that you the reader can see what I saw.

Rita’s Cafe

For those of you who, like me, love green chile.. The green was ripe and sweet and not hot!

I rate Rita’s Café a 5 star for truckers meals. The coffee was also very good for Nevada standards, and they did not flinch to fill my 1 liter thermos.

Every server I dealt with was excellent, friendly, and competent.  Oh and you can order 1/2 orders of the spaghetti which is handy for Mary and I as we usually split dinner orders as most meals are too big for either of us!

So you travel 48 states and are getting burned out by the same food every day.


Today I had lunch at a restaurant beside the Petro 2 at Hiway 77 and Interstate 59 in Rainbow  Alabama.


I ordered the Country Fried Steak, FRIED GREEN TOMATOES, and fried okra.  WOW the food was great as was the locally baked roll.


Kalamata’a Mediterranean

Written By: Dean Owens

Each time we stroll into a new dining establishment we wonder if we have found a gem or just a rock. When we decided to find some eclectic cuisine near our home in Nashville, TN recently we were thrilled to find just the gem the doctor had ordered. We have a love for Thai, Indian, Japanese, Continental, Barbecue, and just good Ole Southern home style cooking. On this particular day both my wife and I were longing for either Indian or Thai, but when we saw the sign for ‘Kalamatas’ we were both very interested.
We entered the restaurant and were greeted with a line of souls giving their order to the Chef. He then would prepare some of the dish and salad while the hot meat came from another cooking in the kitchen. We, as two who love Mediterranean style cooking generally, ordered a variety of items. When they were delivered to our table, the dishes were as beautiful as they were magnificently flavored.
Of special note was the amazingly fresh pita bread and baba ghanoush. Baba ghanoush is a wonderful concoction of roasted eggplant, olive oil and spices that make it very savory. The key that made this baba ghanoush stand out was its extremely fresh nature and that it was clearly locally created.
Their were a variety of drinks to choose from. Of course, you could get the typical fare. A variety of Coke products were available, coffee, tea and even chilled water. But the item that drew my interest were the specialty sodas made from cane sugar and natural flavors. I had a cherry soda that really was cherry soda. Made with for real cherries! The deserts that were available were a variety of Baklava and other Mediterranean and Middle Eastern pastries.
We arrived at the Brentwood location at about 5pm on a Saturday, and they had live music that was, again, very good.
330 Franklin Rd. Brentwood, TN 37027 (615) 221-4002
3764 Hillsboro Rd., Nashville, TN 37215 (615) 383-8700