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I sit sometimes and wonder how America can survive. The Government  seems bent on destroying the country.

The full power of the executive branch is focused on pretending to care for the American worker while behind the scenes those who wield the power in pretense of saving American jobs, make even more jobs vanish in search of cheaper labor or evasion of the very onerous regulations they promote to “save the planet from AGW”.

Then I encounter one of the “little things” that bring hope that some American businesses are beginning to understand that “BUY AMERICAN” is not only possible, but a necessary stance American businesses and consumers have got to put in practice if we want to save our own ability to work and spend money.

Here is a ‘little thing” I noticed this week that actually gave me hope.soap1soap2

I took a shower at the TCA South Jacksonville, Florida. Instead of the usual MADE IN INDIA soap the TCA chain usually offers in their showers, I found this beautiful bar of soap! 

Thank you to whoever decided to buy soap made in America instead, I hope to see these more often until they are everywhere. It is one of the little things that can begin to turn this economy back from the brink of collapse.

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I am stopped at the Travel Center of America in Terrell, Texas.  I like to come here any time I have to hang out in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex area to get away from the city, and because they have concrete for a parking lot instead of asphalt. The air is cooler in the summer time with concrete.

I unloaded Wednesday  and might have stayed at the drivers in Anna, but the lure of the free showers and a restraunt I have been eating at for years drew me out here to Terrell.  I did enjoy the shower, and the wait staff and cooks at the restaurant are still doing a pretty good job of keeping the food from being boring.

Something new has appeared here, and I talked to the employee who services it.  In fact he said he had only installed it a few days ago, so I took pictures and made a small video. TCA has listened to pet owing truck drivers and at least in this location is beginning to crate a “pet area”.petarea1

I asked about plans and was told it will have fescue grass and that grass will be watered. I asked if he knew of any plans to put a chain link fence around it with gates so that drivers could take their pets off leash, but he did not think they were going to fence the area.  I didn’t ask if they had thought of bordering the grass area with shade trees, maybe they will think of it, after all if they are going to put in sprinklers for the grass they could get some crab apple trees pretty cheap around here.  Crab apple seems to be the shade tree of choice around Dallas.

Travel Centers of America Terrell, Tx

My hat is off to the management at TCA they have with this one little post and those plans to plant grass proven to every driver with a pet that they are listening.

So you started off as a truck driver thinking you would be a professional tourist. You would drive across the country seeing everything from the windshield of your peter-bago.

Well there are so many beautiful scenery areas it is almost true. But in this article I want you to be the real tourist sampling the local culture.  Imagine a local farm market from the lake shoe of Pennsylvania with local made food products. It might look like what you can experience right out the front door of the TCA truck stop in Harbor Creek, Pa.

Here are a few views of my experience there. You really need to try to get by there one weekend and buy a few treats for yourself! Click on  a photo for a larger view!


I really think the TCA/Petro merger is working out to give drivers better places to stay on those weekend when you have time for rest and a little tourism!

Burnt Beans and I decided to try to avoid doing the dishes again this morning at Sierra Sids’. They probably would remember us from last night and would be ready for us, so we walked across the street in front of Sierra Sids’ to the “Black Bear Diner.”



Jessie Was our waitress, and she seemed to have some idea how to deal with us, for instance the first thing she did was grab me by the ear and demand to see some money in my wallet before she would let us order breakfast!  We think Mr. Smith must have called her and warned her about us.  Don captured the moment!


Dave had touted the chicken fried steak so much that I had to try it. Looking at the menu I saw a breakfast with it, “The Big Foot",” so I ordered it. Don ordered the breakfast just below it on the menu called “The Grizzly.”  Here is a menu shot showing the two breakfasts.Image05242011081913

When the breakfasts arrived they were stupendous. I shot a few pictures so that you can see what they were like, and then Don and I tried to eat as much as we could!

The last picture was taken after we finished eating, and shows how much was left to chose from for Puppy’s “Doggie box”. (No wonder he is so fat LOL!)



What “Food Jihad” visit would be complete with out a picture of the fabulous deserts offered at the Black Bear Diner.  So here is a short sample of what you see when you walk in the door and a few “Food Jihad” proof we were there photos.  No we have not yet recovered any hunger so we have not yet been back across the street to try those deserts.. Want to make a bet (this is Sparks Nevada after all) on whether there will be an update to this story featuring :”Desert?”

Rated *****


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Three TA Sites to Serve as Drop-off Locations for Tornado Relief Effort


Thursday, May 5th, 2011

TA locations in Jeffersonville, OH, Walton, KY and Florence, KY are serving as drop-off locations for supplies being gathered to help tornado victims in Alabama.
Owner-operator Sam Jones, from R&R Trucking, is organizing the collection effort. He is donating his time and truck to transport all of the donations down to those who need help. His route will take him past these three TA Travel Centers.
Drivers and community locals are asked to drop off donations:
By Saturday, May 7, 11:59 p.m.
TA Jeffersonville (#139), I-71 & US 35, Exit 65
By Sunday, May 8, 11:59 a.m. (noon)
TA Forence (#93), I-75 & SR 18, Exit 181
TA Walton (#28), I-75/I-71 & Rt 338, Exit 175
Items needed:
Baby Formula
Baby Bottles
Diapers (baby and adult)
Blankets (all sizes)
Bulk food items (for food pantries to cook for several people) (non perishable)
Hardware (rakes, shovels, etc. for cleanup)
Hygienic Items (combs, brushes, soaps, shampoos, wash cloths, towels, toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc.)
Dog Food
Cat Food
Work Gloves
Water (jugs or bottles)
Clothes (any and all sizes, infants to adults)
Playpens, Strollers, High Chair
Sleeping Bags
Garbage Bags
Powdered Milk
Paper Towels
Toilet Paper
Hand Sanitizer
First Aid Kits
Beginning today, May 5, Sam Jones is promoting this on Truckin’ Bozo on Sirius/XM, and with Steve Sommers on America’s Trucking Network. Listen in for more details!
Come on drivers! Let’s lend a hand!

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