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So one night Gary mentioned that he really wanted to have The Truckin Bozo’s name on his race car. I told him I would have to ask Dale as that  name is trademarked.  While we were talking I asked him if “ could sponsor the car and get our name on the car too.  From that beginning, the fun began.

The caged monster on the way to Bradenton

Later as time passed, a discussion of Gary’s car led to the formation of a coalition of fans of the overnight radio show that Dale did for over 20 years.  That show continues today with Steve his son as the host, and Bubba Bo a long time Cincinnati radio favorite filling in on the weekends.

Dale of course is on Sirius and XM radio in the afternoons from 4 to 7 east coast time.


Those fans decided to raise $1000 and also sponsor the car. In just a few days the money was raised from donations of individual drivers who wanted to prove that the show still had a legion of fans listening to 700 WLW and to the XM RADIO channel 152 where it is also carried.


The decals for the fans were made, and applied the night before the cars first qualifying round.

I think that decal stands as a testament to the fact that drivers can come together and that drivers have a community spirit that even goes to helping one of their own compete on this level of drag racing.

The ATN Fan decal was applied the night before the first qualifying run!

When you hear about truck drivers being people who take the job because they cant do anything else. think about how just this one case demonstrates that truck drivers are normal people, but normal people who drive trucks rather than work in offices.

This car is sponsored by , driven by, and will be racing to show support for truck drivers. If you are coming to MATS, and you plan on parking at Poppa Johns Parking lot, bring your own story, bring your own hobby,   Yes in one part of the parking lot you will find this race car and hauler, and in other parts of the lot you will find truckers who rescue needy animals, who support compelling charities, and who promote the trucking community every way imaginable.  Join them and have a great time when the show is over in the evenings. I hear plans for weddings, concerts, convoys, charity drives, charity auctions, and of course food to be SHARED free from one driver to another, in small groups and large groups.  Some of the events are for fun like a “tin foil hat” contest on Thursday evening, and a costume party on Friday evening. Other events are more serious such as a real wedding and charity functions. All in all expect to come and join in showing ourselves and anyone who notices that truck drivers are real people and that they are good people.

For more information on the Cincinnati Tea Party movement please visit

Speaking to a packed house.

The crowd through the south window
Chris Littleton

At this point in Chris speech, my cell phone rang and I went outside to answer it. When I tried to reenter the room.

It all began for me Sunday When I stopped to eat dinner.  The restaurant off exit 32 in Lebanon, Ohio was 4 miles from my Monday morning off load that I went in to eat.  ( And got the most perfectly cooked meat lovers omelet I have had in months.)  There was a flier on the counter when I went to pay my bill.

  scan0003 I thought Hmmm if I am still in the area I will see what this is all about!

The flier said to come an hour early if you wanted to eat dinner before the meeting started, but I had a late lunch at 3.30 instead and then went to listen to "The Bozo" on XM 171. I had a very nice Chicken Parmesan.

I noticed a steady stream of cars start to arrive at half past 5, and I went in to see how the crowd was gathering at 6.  It was already too late to get a seat.

An hour before the meeting started!

The meeting began exactly on time.

The meeting began on time!

Joe Wilson a local town concerned citizen invited everyone to listen to Chris Littleton a Cincinnati tea party organizer.

Joe Wilson

Joe gave a rousing speech to a packed house.  I will post as many of the videos as I can tonight, and make a continuation article tomorrow of the rest of the videos I took. The moral of the article is, that if you are concerned about what the government is doing, and you want to make a stand for decent government that tries to preserve our nation and our personal liberties, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  It is time Joe says, to organize. The people from Lebanon, Ohio stayed and listened . Just as a hint I will put here a video taken after the speaking when Steve Hale sang a song he had written called "get off of our land". You can see no one had left!