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By Ken A. McCoy

O.K. Most people are under a misconception about how Jose is making money in our country. Kristi, myself, and 3 Million other Drivers see what Jose and his family are doing for employment. They aren’t in the farm fields so much anymore as they are in our factories, fast food joints, and other big businesses. Some wait outside Home Depot or grocery warehouses for "Day Labor" looking to help the carpenters, plumbers, and truckers.

Twenty years ago, mommy and daddy kicked Jr. into getting a job. Therefore most fast food places provided work for the kids 16-18, other places 18 and up. But now ma and pa buy Jr. his toys like fancy cars, X-boxes, and drugs. So there is need within the workforce, being filled by aliens who buy only what they need, and send our currency back home to whomever. The construction people used to hire full time people for help. Truckers hire “day labor” to unload the trucks, back then they were the bums, and street people. They would charge between $40.00, to $70.00 depending on the load. Usually a dollar per thousand weight. Now with organized aliens, they charge $160.00 to $400.00. It doesn’t take but about two hours to unload a semi-truck by hand, and one person! Poor Jose makes a mere $1600.00 or better, for a ten hour day at work. With an estimated 30 million aliens in the country, what could help our economy more?

I don’t know how Owner Operators, and Independent Driver’s Association came up with the “30 million” estimate, but they point out that, of the annual 40,000 traffic fatalities in the U.S.A. 25% are caused by Impaired illegals. Before we can I.D. them, they run back across the border to safety, at least the ones who survive. Maybe they’re crashing into each other, I don’t know. To me it means they are killing innocent Americans!

On the other side of the coin, I know they need good paying Jobs. We all do. But in my mind some, if not most, are fleeing the drug cartel violence. If that is the case, they need to take a stand against those cartels. They need to reclaim their own countries for a better life. Although now automated, many U.S. factories have moved to their countries, and they can’t tell me they don’t have any work.