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How much BS can they pile up before there is a smell that cannot be denied? There’s something rotten in Washington D. C.

It was clear that the CSA plan was a joke from the beginning.
When the person who designed this sham safety scoring system that allowed major carriers to lose their unsatisfactory safety ratings and claim to be among the safest trucks on the road retired from their Department of Transportation job and was immediately hired as a vice president of a safety consulting firm used by those same carriers to promote their safe image it was clear.
When the state patrols of states that have harassed out of state truckers so much in the past that truckers have resorted to convoys and economic boycott immediately increased their issuance of non refutable "warnings" for imagined offenses it was clear.
When the size divisions that were touted as having companies only judged against their peers was rigged to make smaller trucking companies automatically have higher scores than larger companies, and the separation of offense categories made rectifying this magnified imaginary bad record almost impossible, it was clear.
BUT now we have the forced re-imposition of the banned by congress Mexican cross border "pilot project" to prove that the FMCSA cares nothing about safety or even about common sense. They live to serve the K street lobbyists.
No matter that they pretended to not spend money putting this cross border project together while in fact spending record budgets on it while forcing American taxpayers to supply Mexican trucks with equipment American truckers have to furnish at their own expense.
No matter that the state department, the American military and almost every law enforcement agency in our country knows that the police and government in Mexico is either not in control of governance in some areas, or are but are under the control of the same drug cartels that are killing thousands in Mexico, and seeking desperately to ship contraband and laundered money across that border in both directions.
No matter that congress forbade the FMCSA to spend money setting up a sham cross border pilot project they can simply claim people working under other budgets did all the work right? Isn’t that like claiming to buy food with food stamps while trading them with the local car dealer for a new ride? Did anyone object? They certainly would object to the welfare recipient who is trading food stamps in for car payments.
American truck drivers have a 10 year job history ( with no gaps) and a unified traffic offense record ( your state MVR) and now even a federal record of all interaction with inspectors and certified police even to the local levels ( CSA score).
None of these data bases exist on any level of confidence in MEXICO so the FMCSA is granting WAIVERS. How much sense does this make? The NAFTA Agreement does not demand this.
This entire cross border dog and pony show is a sham from the beginning to it’s predictable end with the opening of our border to Mexican cross border trucking. It is happening to appease the K Street crowd that reacted only to the illegal imposition of an import tax in Mexico on selected American goods. It represents our government kneeling in surrender to the crowds of globalist manufacturers who want cheap Mexican assembly plants at any cost.
Instead of occupying Wall Street, Americans who want honest government should be occupying K street! That is where the real problem comes from.

The Truckin Bozo’s Website    DOT 1767434

5   DOT 817269

7    DOT 693117


No inspctions 6 months in operation….DOT2108690

2_4a    DOT 1083117


2_8a   DOT 712087   not inspected since last November…

2_10a    DOT 1833636

2_13a    DOT 1554713


A friend sent me pictures from his cell phone of trucks in Arizona that had just come across the border from Mexico at Nogales, Az.

I wondered how safe these Mexican trucks were, so I decided to check them with the FMCSA.

Things I noticed, the authorities were all valid, and there is nothing in that authority that specifies only in the border region, many of those trucks have both Mexican and Arizona tags. I have seen trucks tagged like this in every state of the union. Some do have a  ā€œzā€ after the DOT number some do not!

The absolute truth is these trucks are unsafe, they have repeated inspections that find the same defects.

How can anyone pretend any program that opens the border to Mexican long haul trucks will be safe if we are dependent on inspections from our officers on this side of the border to insure that.. THESE TRUCKS WERE ALL INSIDE OUR BORDER POST INSPECTION LANE!


General Notice: Pilot Program on NAFTA Long-Haul Trucking Provisions

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Notice; request for public comment.


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) announces its proposal for the initiation of a United States-Mexico cross-border long-haul trucking pilot program to test and demonstrate the ability of Mexico-based motor carriers to operate safely in the United States beyond the municipalities and commercial zones along the United States-Mexico border.
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General Notice: Pilot Program on NAFTA Long-Haul Trucking Provisions – Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration