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How We Began


Our beginnings were as many organizations the actions of individuals. Some driver would become needy, and among the ATN Fans drivers would talk together and pool resources to help that driver.

In small groups we shared concerns, and we shared some efforts. Many of us did what we did quietly through friends in the belief that the recipient should not know where the aid was coming from. “Thank You” was not something most of us wanted to hear. Some of the recipients later became benefactors to others because, among the ATN Fans as among the trucking community in general, the belief in “pay me forward” rather than “pay me back” is strong. Some people did “pay back” when they were helped, those funds always seemed to find a new need to be applied to.

Over time it was only natural that small groups started discussing formalizing an organization to continue this effort. The shock we all experienced when one of the hosts of the radio show our group seemed to revolve around experienced the crushing loss in his personal life that our efforts could not ameliorate, gave some of us the spark that galvanized us into action at last.

Jacob Boulanger and his father Eric ( Bubba Bo) and Steven Sommers and his father Steve are for many of the ATN listeners an extended family. It seemed only fitting that we should guarantee that our trucking community efforts should reflect our acknowledgment of that relationship. Steven we agree to uplift in all his endeavors, and as a group we rejoice in his accomplishments. Jacob however we will with our own efforts try to honor because his life was cut short.

This memorial fund is the continuation of our community building that for most of us began with our participation in, and enjoyment of, the ATN show. Our hope is to also spread the community beyond the ATN audience to the entire trucking community. It is after all the entire trucking community we belong to that shares the beliefs that we put into practice here. Our roots as an organization are after all only the place to gain nourishment for the living plant we are bringing to life here. A fund by truckers for use helping truckers.

Jake Russell Boulanger Memorial Fund


How much BS can they pile up before there is a smell that cannot be denied? There’s something rotten in Washington D. C.

It was clear that the CSA plan was a joke from the beginning.
When the person who designed this sham safety scoring system that allowed major carriers to lose their unsatisfactory safety ratings and claim to be among the safest trucks on the road retired from their Department of Transportation job and was immediately hired as a vice president of a safety consulting firm used by those same carriers to promote their safe image it was clear.
When the state patrols of states that have harassed out of state truckers so much in the past that truckers have resorted to convoys and economic boycott immediately increased their issuance of non refutable "warnings" for imagined offenses it was clear.
When the size divisions that were touted as having companies only judged against their peers was rigged to make smaller trucking companies automatically have higher scores than larger companies, and the separation of offense categories made rectifying this magnified imaginary bad record almost impossible, it was clear.
BUT now we have the forced re-imposition of the banned by congress Mexican cross border "pilot project" to prove that the FMCSA cares nothing about safety or even about common sense. They live to serve the K street lobbyists.
No matter that they pretended to not spend money putting this cross border project together while in fact spending record budgets on it while forcing American taxpayers to supply Mexican trucks with equipment American truckers have to furnish at their own expense.
No matter that the state department, the American military and almost every law enforcement agency in our country knows that the police and government in Mexico is either not in control of governance in some areas, or are but are under the control of the same drug cartels that are killing thousands in Mexico, and seeking desperately to ship contraband and laundered money across that border in both directions.
No matter that congress forbade the FMCSA to spend money setting up a sham cross border pilot project they can simply claim people working under other budgets did all the work right? Isn’t that like claiming to buy food with food stamps while trading them with the local car dealer for a new ride? Did anyone object? They certainly would object to the welfare recipient who is trading food stamps in for car payments.
American truck drivers have a 10 year job history ( with no gaps) and a unified traffic offense record ( your state MVR) and now even a federal record of all interaction with inspectors and certified police even to the local levels ( CSA score).
None of these data bases exist on any level of confidence in MEXICO so the FMCSA is granting WAIVERS. How much sense does this make? The NAFTA Agreement does not demand this.
This entire cross border dog and pony show is a sham from the beginning to it’s predictable end with the opening of our border to Mexican cross border trucking. It is happening to appease the K Street crowd that reacted only to the illegal imposition of an import tax in Mexico on selected American goods. It represents our government kneeling in surrender to the crowds of globalist manufacturers who want cheap Mexican assembly plants at any cost.
Instead of occupying Wall Street, Americans who want honest government should be occupying K street! That is where the real problem comes from.

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In October, the Air Resources Board (ARB) filed with the Office
of Administrative Law (OAL) final rule-making materials for the
following regulations: the In-Use On-Road Diesel Vehicle
Regulation (Truck and Bus Regulation), the Greenhouse Gas
Emission Reduction Regulation (Tractor-Trailer GHG Regulation),
the Off-Road Large Spark Ignition Engine Fleet Requirements (LSI
Fleet Regulation) and the Regulation for In-Use Off-Road Diesel
Fueled Fleets (Off-Road Regulation). OAL has until December to
approve the regulations and file them with the Secretary of
The rulemaking documents are available for the truck regulations
and for the off-road regulations at:
The Air Resources Board adopted a number of regulations that
require diesel engine owners to reduce their engine emissions.
These regulations are part of the State’s plan to meet federal
ambient air quality standards and to protect public health.
Between now and 2023, nearly all trucks and buses that operate in
California and have a manufacturer’s gross vehicle weight rating
greater than 14,000 pounds must upgrade to reduce exhaust
emissions. Similar requirements will also become effective in
the next several years affecting owners and operators of certain
off-road equipment (including equipment used in construction,
industrial, and airport operations). To comply with these
requirements, fleet owners can upgrade existing engines by
installing particulate matter (PM) filter retrofits or other
Verified Diesel Emission Control Strategies (VDECS), or by
upgrading to cleaner engines.
In addition, the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006
(AB 32) established requirements to achieve reductions of
greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. AB 32 requires the Air Resources
Board (the Board or ARB) and other state agencies to adopt
regulations and other requirements that would reduce statewide
GHG emission levels to the equivalent of 1990 levels by 2020.
The Tractor-Trailer GHG rulemaking is one of 44 early action
measures identified by the Board and requires certain tractor and
trailer combinations to use low-rolling resistance tires and
aerodynamic technology.
For more information regarding these regulations please call
866-6DIESEL (866-634-3735) or go to:


After a brief hiatus, All Drivers Together has released a call schedule through December. Calls scheduled include TA/Petro’s VP Tom Liutkus and Joe Rajkovacz of OOIDA

TA/Petro will be returning for a third time to the conference line, Wednesday, November 16 at 2 PM Eastern time. Drivers are encouraged to call in, give feedback and hear what the truck stop chain has planned for the future. Tom Liutkus will be discussing future plans and giving updates from previous conversations. " TA is a full-service national travel center chain in the U.S., with 165 locations serving hundreds of thousands of professional drivers and other highway travelers each month – including virtually all major trucking fleets" according to their web site ( Mr Liutkus reiterates with each call the importance of listening to the main customer, the driver.

With so many changes in the future, Joe Rajkovacz from Owner Operator Independent Driver Association will be with the group, Wednesday, December 7 at 6 PM Eastern time. Topics to be discussed will include Mexican Truck Program, Cell Phone Ban proposal, Hours of Service among others. OOIDA is an organization responsible for the representation of professional drivers, and with over 150,000 members, the organization has made huge gains in the industry and giving the drivers a voice in the courts and the government.

The group is currently working with several other groups and organizations to schedule calls. Those groups include CVSA, IdleAir, CSA, CA Air Resources Board and many others. Please check the facebook page (All Drivers Together) for updates.

All the calls will be recorded and will be about two hours in length. Drivers are encouraged to call in and listen to the presentations and ask questions of the speakers. Please dial 712 432 0075 access code 243977#


Country Dan Rolling Along Thanks to Leland Martin and Truckers

I received this email today;

Hey Yoda, Here are some pictures of Country Dan getting his scooter donated by Darwin. I’ll send more when we are done. We are still working on getting the lift going for his car to haul it. He also got a chair donated to him so he can get around in his house. The scooter is too big to get around in his house. But he needs the scooter to get into work. There are some steep grades that the chair will not handle so we are glad he has the scooter! He has steep grades at his work place that he has to endure! There is also a steep grade at his driveway, so he really needs it to go down to get his mail too. I will write Darwin right now and tell him I sent you some pictures to post and that Country Dan really loves that scooter! I am also calling Landline and having them to give an update on the progress of helping Country Dan! Talk to you more soon. Thanks!
Leland Martin

Country Dan(Seated) and Leland Martin, showing off the new scooter that will help Country Dan get around!

The story of how a charity designed to work as a group of drivers helping other drivers got involved in this effort is not all that hard to explain. A driver that contacted the charity with his own needs, saw the original email Leland sent me asking for help getting Country Dan ( one of the personalities from the truckers channel on XM RADIO) a powered wheel chair so that he could go back to work. That driver had a chair that his mother had used. Both he and his mother met Country Dan at the Louisville truck show, and were fans. The rest thanks to the tireless efforts of Leland Martin is history now being made.
The community of truckers is alive and well. The community was kept alive or rebuilt by late night radio hosts and continued by XM open road and now Sirius Road Dog listeners. The next time someone says you cannot get 3 truck drivers to agree on anything or to work together, tell them about this story.

Country Dan really appreciates the new Ride!

As a side note, the request we posted from Leland Martin generated a second powered chair that will be stored in Cincinnati to be available to a driver who needs it. The St Christopher’s fund, the MERV, the medical supply company that donated new batteries for this chair, and several individuals and drivers not to mention the listener who donated the chair all came together to accomplish this. St Christopher’s fund will probably be the charity most likely to ask the chair to go to an individual who will need it because they are in the medical field. But the availability of it to them simply makes their efforts and all truckers interested in helping truckers efforts that much closer to meeting someone’s need. Who would have thought all these years later that listening to a radio show directed at truck drivers would have such good consequences?

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