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Super Charged Thunder is a 12 member group of Supercharged pre-1960 Nostalgia Drag Race vehicles, driven by highly colorful drivers, designed to entertain the race fans and their families and to provide maximum exposure for their sponsors.

Gary's car launching for the first qualification run at Bradenton

Gary's car launching for the first qualification run at Bradenton

The goal of Supercharged Thunder is to bring back the AA/Gasser experience from the past, have cars that the fans can root for, long smoky burnouts, side-by-side racing, personal interaction with the drivers and teams, autograph cards and frisbees for the kids, brand rivalries, bounties placed on the drivers pre-show parades and displays are just some of the exciting experience during a “Thunder Show”!

For more information on the group and a schedule of when they will be racing at a track near you please visit their web site.

Super Charged Thunder Racing

Three truck drivers went to Bradenton Florida to put Gary’s new car on the track for the first time.

Gary allowed Bob “Snakebite” Heans, and Rusty “Yoda” Wade to go with him. We had a great time.

Snook came to the track and took pictures for “the Bozo dot com”.

Here are a selection ( selected by Gary) of photos from that weekend that people have waited a long time to see.


This article will update every few days, It is prompted by Angel the first friend to send me his photos from MATS. 

He sent me a few photos from the Burnt Beans food tent, and some of the pictures from the convoy for Special Olympics.

Here are the photos I have received to date. I will post more as I receive them.

yodaOne of the events at MATS I did want to cover in the peoples journal was the first ever LIVE AT MATS recordings that were to be played overnight on the ATN program.

On Thursday Squirrel worked like a mad man cajoling sponsors to come spend time with Steve, unfortunately something happened to the files between Steve’s’ hard work and the program.  I have some videos of those interviews, and there are pictures, but unfortunately the program which was an interesting blend of all the sponsors was lost!  It was the radio equivalent of closing the west wing!

Undaunted, WLW  came right back on Friday and Saturday with interviews from the floor by the weekend host Bubba Bo.  It didn’t completely reopen the west wing for the radio audience, but in a different flavor it did do what the WLW leadership had wanted, present the stupendous truck show via radio to all those listeners who could not be there.

Squirrel worked hard to get sponsors back on live ( for the recording sessions) even though those same sponsors had booths to man and visitors to talk to.  I wandered the hall a few times, but my main place always seemed to end up in front of this radio first, an attempt to compress the essence of the biggest event in truck shows to a radio audience.

KUDOs to 700 WLW for their efforts which did seem to capture much of the frenetic action and size and pure trucking indulgence while promoting as always the community of truck drivers as that show always has.

Speaking of the trucker community, I as one of those members wish to think both Steve and Bubba Bo for visiting in the parking lot at Papa Johns’ stadium.

So one night Gary mentioned that he really wanted to have The Truckin Bozo’s name on his race car. I told him I would have to ask Dale as that  name is trademarked.  While we were talking I asked him if “ could sponsor the car and get our name on the car too.  From that beginning, the fun began.

The caged monster on the way to Bradenton

Later as time passed, a discussion of Gary’s car led to the formation of a coalition of fans of the overnight radio show that Dale did for over 20 years.  That show continues today with Steve his son as the host, and Bubba Bo a long time Cincinnati radio favorite filling in on the weekends.

Dale of course is on Sirius and XM radio in the afternoons from 4 to 7 east coast time.


Those fans decided to raise $1000 and also sponsor the car. In just a few days the money was raised from donations of individual drivers who wanted to prove that the show still had a legion of fans listening to 700 WLW and to the XM RADIO channel 152 where it is also carried.


The decals for the fans were made, and applied the night before the cars first qualifying round.

I think that decal stands as a testament to the fact that drivers can come together and that drivers have a community spirit that even goes to helping one of their own compete on this level of drag racing.

The ATN Fan decal was applied the night before the first qualifying run!

When you hear about truck drivers being people who take the job because they cant do anything else. think about how just this one case demonstrates that truck drivers are normal people, but normal people who drive trucks rather than work in offices.

This car is sponsored by , driven by, and will be racing to show support for truck drivers. If you are coming to MATS, and you plan on parking at Poppa Johns Parking lot, bring your own story, bring your own hobby,   Yes in one part of the parking lot you will find this race car and hauler, and in other parts of the lot you will find truckers who rescue needy animals, who support compelling charities, and who promote the trucking community every way imaginable.  Join them and have a great time when the show is over in the evenings. I hear plans for weddings, concerts, convoys, charity drives, charity auctions, and of course food to be SHARED free from one driver to another, in small groups and large groups.  Some of the events are for fun like a “tin foil hat” contest on Thursday evening, and a costume party on Friday evening. Other events are more serious such as a real wedding and charity functions. All in all expect to come and join in showing ourselves and anyone who notices that truck drivers are real people and that they are good people.