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We followed a dream about riding our motorcycles to Sturgis, S.D.

Here is how it came to be.

One day I was out on the road talking to a friend of mine about satellite radio. He was telling me how wonderful it was to be able to hear all the NFL games and a lot of sports, as well as talk shows and commercial free music, all on one device. When I got done talking to him within 2 hours I was at the Flying J in Iowa buying my first Sirius satellite radio. I hooked it up, got it going and started a whole new experience in radio. I started listening to talk shows and really loved the commercial free music that was part of the package.

A couple of months passed and I came across a trucking channel on the Satellite radio so I started listening to it. They had just started making the channel about trucking, adding the shows and information. I really liked that channel and stayed on it all the time, occasionally I would flip to music or old time radio shows but for the most part I stuck with the road dog trucking channel throughout the day. I can honestly say I love my satellite radio. It keeps me going and makes my trips go fast and there are so many different things on the satellite radio you can listen to, and to me that is priceless.

One day the road dog channel started a show called freewheelin. I and many others called in to start a conversation and establish a new found friendship on the radio. Soon after that the show skyrocketed and everyone who called in had a handle, a CB name, or a nickname, much easier than remembering a ton of mike’s jims, joes bills marys and so on. The channel had grown to many listeners. It was like a family forming all over the the US and Canada. What a concept! Who would ever think that a piece of technology could create such a broad base of people in this little world we live in. After freewheeling came Carl P Mayfield, a very unique guy with his crew members named Duke and Bubba and the P team . They, too, built a big family of drivers and veterans.

As the radio encouraged communication for the drivers and a variety of shows to keep them entertained while going down the road we, as drivers, started communicating to each other on the shows and started building a strong bond with each other, something that had been lost over the years. As Satellite radio continued to grow, the friendship between drivers continued to grow as well. Last summer freewheelin had a topic on called what are you going to do this summer for vacation and a number of people called in to express their wishes and desire for vacation ideas. I remember listening to the show and hearing this one driver call in and discuss his vacation plans with Meredith and Chris T, the hosts of the show. His name was Buzzard and he proceeded to tell them about going to a rally in South Dakota called Sturgis bike week, a tradition of many years for him. He expressed how much fun it was to go up and be with his friends and brothers of the bike world. This was a vacation he did every year for 40 years, 2 weeks off out of the year was his vacation.

Soon after Buzzard called White Rose chimed in and expressed how she was learning to ride and wanted to go to Sturgis but was concerned about her security. Buzzard assured her she was covered. And so it began the 2 got together along with other road dog listeners and came up with this crazy idea of how many drivers we could get together and join us up in Sturgis.

The dream out here has always been trying to get drivers together and build a solid comradeship where everybody gets along and can work together as a team. It’s a long process and very stressful to accomplish. In the long run we all feel it’s worth it down the road. So we proceeded to plan and build a mega friendship amongst us road dogs and bring others to the group, this by building up the trip and planning.

First we needed to get the word out and we needed to spread as much information as possible in the little time we had because the rally was less than 6 months away. We design the first website through myspace. Then we decided to go with a regular web site to add more detailed information as well as a forum to chat with other drivers and make plans to meet at different parts of the country while driving down the road. Thanks to Whiterose these two sites exist.

The web site helped a lot to inform others of the campgrounds, the meet-ups and related stories with topics about trucking, the lifestyle of trucking and some biking stories. Once we established the web sites we then proceeded to go to Sirius and promote our new idea of camaraderie and get drivers together. Freewheelin was right on board with us as well as Carl P. We got a lot of airtime to promote it. After Carl P retired from the airwaves then came a man called Glen Jonesey. He was right on the ball helping us to promote our idea. We can’t thank these people enough for their help and continuous support in building a strong driver to driver friendship, but we can be loyal listeners for life. As far as I’m concerned there’s nothing better that Satellite radio. It has been the best invention of it’s time and it continues to bring drivers together everyday.

As time went on we proceeded to plan the trip. I was put in charge of finding the campsite which I did and came up with the Ironhorse campground. Beirut Bob and Cindy had been conversing back and forth about what we would call ourselves a proper name, Cindy was thinking dogs on hogs and then Bob said why can’t it be roaddogsonhogs. Cindy said, "Great I like that. It suits us well." So Bob established the name and we set forth the web site for that title.

Now that we had the name we then thought we needed to set up rally points for everyone to meet up and coordinate with each other and ride in with the rest of the group. We all came from all over from Pa, Mo, Ms, Mn, TX, Co, Ar, WY, Id, AZ, UT, La, and Ia.

Welcome, Mn was a meeting place for truckers on bikes. The host here was Old Dog and his lady Joyce. Bowtie man came from eastern Iowa and Mutt and Thumper and Kool-Aid drove in from local cities in Minnesota. We had planned to meet up with them at Mitchell SD with the rest of the group. We used Buzzards place as a main rally point so we could get the bulk of the group in a centralized location near Sturgis. The people who came up to Buzzards place were a mixed bunch. I have to say Jimmy the Junkman was a most amazing rider. He joined the group that was at Cindy’s house. He rode from Phoenix, AZ to Lucedale, Ms then onto Buzzards house then to Sturgis then finally to Boston, Ma, a total of five thousand miles in a months time before returning to work. What an accomplishment! Cindy’s group consisted of Loose nut and Loose nuts wife, Strick9, and their 2 children Britt Bratny and Bubblehead, and Jimmy of course. They rode to Buzz’s house where they were met by Buzzard, Miss Becky Slider, Crystal aka Easy, 96 Ultraglide from Tn and another guy named Azzitude who drove in with his dodge truck. The night at Buzzards house we had venison (deer meat) and other goodies and all with the hospitality of buzz’s wife Kandee.

I have to say here’s a woman who let a number of total strangers into her and Buzz’s house and fed them and let them stay on the property and the next morning gave them coffee and cheer. That is just amazing in my book. She was by far the best hostess I have ever had in all my vacations. She took us in not knowing who we were and took care of us like kings and queens. Thank you so much Kandee for that, and the use of her dodge truck to carry the gear in for the trip up.

We had a party wagon but she broke down so Kandee was nice enough to lend us her personal truck to complete the mission at hand. The next morning we started to get ready for the trip up to Mitchell to meet up with the rest of the group of riders from Welcome, Mn and also several others including Bubba from Ia. He had ridden to Mitchell also and met up with Olddogs group. We arrived in Mitchell and met up with the other group and proceeded on to Sturgis. We all rode in a convoy style ride. What an experience! I can honestly say I felt like I was in a fleet of trucks rolling down the road with pride and friendship, as we headed to Sturgis.

The ride out was quit scenic and I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. The freedom of riding with not a care in the world, a new set of friends with me and to what would become a strong and lasting relationship amongst drivers for years to come. The ride was long, hot and exhausting but when we came into town at night and experienced the start of the party it was awesome. We had reached the Oasis and were ready to party and unwind and really get to know each other throughout the trip.

We arrived at the Ironhorse campground around 12:30am and proceeded to check in. We then proceeded into the campground to pick our spot for camping where we met up with Noriskie, another road dog who rode from Sheridan, Wyoming who was waiting to meet up with us. He arrived earlier in the day and had already set up camp. We then got the spot we wanted and proceeded to set up tents at 1am in the morning, dead to the walls, trying to setup and go to bed. The next morning we all got up to the smell of fresh coffee and pancakes courtesy of Buzzard’s cook shack camp. Buzzard had a pickup that we had brought from St. Edward Nebraska to the rally for all the extra equipment including the camp kitchen that would be setup so we could eat as a group and save some money on food by cooking in camp.

Later in the week several other drivers showed up to include Harley Cowboy and his wife and their dog. They came from Amarillo TX and stayed a few days with us. Harley cowboy aka Brian had an idea before the rally to make a flag for the group with our names on it to represent us and who we are along with our names on it. I was very impressed with the work of the flag, the group really came together through planning this event and the flag really brought me to my knees.

I have to say truck drivers can come together and bond and have a good time. We just need a good batch of people the first time to mold it into place, and we definitely received the right bunch of people who truly wanted to make this work.

As the rally progressed we all got along very well and planned several trips to places like Deadwood, Devils Tower and Mount Rushmore and with each trip we took together we got to know one another and really enjoyed each others company.
Not bad for a bunch of drivers who never met one another until this event. We started out on the phone and then finally met at Sturgis. As the week rolled on Blackhawk and Pitbull rolled in from Utah as well as Walter 2 Horses from Colorado, and then Dallas and Brook, his wife, rolled in from Wyoming, and The Outlaw showed up, Idaho Outlaw from of course Idaho and so many others that came in. We even had a couple come in with a bobtail that made a great group picture of us.

The next day came and breakfast was cooked or bought how ever and what ever your pleasure was. Buzzard was up to the task no matter what it took. Then the big plan, a group ride to either Mt. Rushmore or Deadwood. Mt. Rushmore won the vote and off we rode as a well tuned parade of truckers. Rushmore was just awesome to see and sharing this with new found friends was even better. After that we rode back to camp. Let me tell ya that took some time too. Streets were packed with biker after biker and other traffic heading to a concert very near our campsite, Iron Horse.
As most everyone showed back up, supper being cooked at camp and drivers just shooting the breeze, it came to me that on this day that a friendship and a brotherhood among truckers had grown because of this ride and I would never regret it for a moment.

I would encourage any driver to join the Road Dogs on Hogs for a trip, a ride or even a get together how ever they do it because being united as a group was a lot better than being alone driving down the road just wondering who and what is my fellow trucker like.


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