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I attended a meeting of the organization, Women In Trucking, while at the
Mid America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky 2010. The enthusiasm was
quite evident throughout the meeting room. Sadly, I was late for the meeting
( I had no idea where it was so had to ask) but I do not think I missed much
of it. When I walked into the room I was warmly greeted and found my way to
a seat where I was welcomed by the ladies sitting around there.
I had registered for the photo shoot the day before so did not have to
interrupt listening to the speakers while I took care of that. The room was
full of red shirts with the logo Women In Trucking. Very encouraging for
those who may have felt there weren’t many of us around. Read the rest of this entry »

The Saved File Disappears Again

I sometimes struggle with my saved files, desperately floundering along through the dark hole sometimes referred to as the laptop that owns me. I currently use Open Office, which is a great program for me HOWEVER when I save my work it seems that the gremlins, goonies and ghouls that reside under this keyboard are simply having a heyday placing my carefully saved files in a place that I am sure I did save it too but somehow when the saving is done, my memory of where I saved to is gone. Kaput! Alzheimer’s sets in and I have no idea where in this box that file went to.

Why is it that I think I put a file in my documents it is magically nowhere to be found, especially not there. OH! Then the name I thought out very carefully to save it as it non existent. Those goonies and gremlins and ghouls have got me again.

I understand that it really is a simple process to save a file and then to be able to access it again and again. This is not that difficult. Just ask any geeky individual and they will tell you. Yet, I think that sometimes simpler people such as myself have “finger farts” (as opposed to brain farts) when we hit the save button.

Now and then I edit copy that is sent to us. Now and then that copy that I have so carefully edited seems to vanish into the annals of my hard drive. There is the moment of pure panic, or maybe it is nearer to ten minutes, before I finally locate the file again and more often than not I have to edit again.

I will master this monster!

Just you watch…

First Game 2009

By Mary Wade

The first game of the season is always greatly anticipated and highly attended by the families of the team members. Everyone has high hopes for their team to do great things out on the field. Pike County High School was no exception to this. The only problem was that they did not have their teamwork quite together so Charles Henderson High School had no problem whooping them soundly. These two teams are neighboring rivals and very competitive.


CHHS 38 PCHS 0 was the final score. The action on the field was just great. Lots of plays and several superb passes. Well thought out plays were put to the test for this first game. Both teams played well. Things just did not come together for PCHS. While their coaches had the plays planned out there was always something just a little bit off in the execution of the plays for both teams. PCHS tried valiantly to get things together it was just not to be this time. CHHS worked well as they took advantage of each mistake. The team members were better able to get their actions synchronized and thus able to execute the touchdowns that PCHS just were not able to choreograph.

In spite of the devastating final score, both teams can look forward to a grand season and I do hope that I am able to attend their next face off. I have a feeling that the scoring may be quite different.

As I said, spectator attendance was excellent for a high school game. Both teams parents and family came out in large numbers to cheer their teams on.

The bands, dance teams, color guard and cheerleader teams were very exuberant and impressive. I am a bit favorable of the PCHS color guard as I have a granddaughter on that team. Both schools did wonderful in their display of team spirit however, the PCHS dance team and color guard have got their act together. Extremely well thought out choreography and flashy outfits made them the best of the two schools teams.

Editors note. This video and report are from the first game of the 2009 high school football season, at the time it was held Pike County High School had over 200 of it’s 512 students out of school with H1N1 flue, including most of the band.

Written By: Mary Wade

I picked up a load to carry to Lakewood Washington in Statesville, North Carolina. I had to wait overnight for my trailer to get loaded so I needed a place to have breakfast or lunch. The clerk in the office of my loading point told me about the Carolina Cafe. It was located a short distance down the street so I went to check it out.
It is an old house that was converted to a restaurant. It is very plain in appearance, and one might have doubts about going in there, but I can tell you that it is worth the venture inside. Once inside, it looked again like nothing spectacular, simply a plain little cafe. However, I ate the lunch buffet and was extremely happy with the quality and quantity of food offered and the sweet tea is good southern style sweet tea. The hours of operation are 6 AM to 3 PM.
Here is a link you can view the location at: CAROLINA CAFE
It is easy to get to. In North Carolina on I40 Exit 148 and go East on US64. If you are coming from the east, go to the 2nd light and if you are coming from the west go to the first light to the south. Turn left on West Front street and continue about one to one and one half miles. They will be on the right at the intersection of West Front Street and Security Street. There is a large lot in the back for large vehicle parking. It is accessed best by going right on Security and going around the back of the cafe.. Exiting the parking lot is just going straight out onto West Front Street.
If you decide to give it a try I am sure you will enjoy it. The waitresses are friendly and glad to see you.

Wednesday, July 15,2009

by Mary Wade

I did a web search on writing a column and came up with some interesting thoughts and ideas of other people in the google search. Then I came to the conclusion that some people have it and others don’t get it at all. I think I am somewhere in between. I have some of the most extraordinary thoughts and ideas at the grandest moments. In the shower, while rambling down the shopping aisles, sitting in the restaurant or other places one can sit. The answer to my dilemma on how to save these thoughts is to remember to carry a pencil and notepad with me. Another dilemma here. That means I have to lug around that purse. I might like a backpack better yet that will be cumbersome for me as I am not interested in one of those. So, back to the satchel. That is where I stand, I carry a rather large purse nearly everywhere I go since the muse will strike at the most opportune times. Two notebooks, one for the little short thoughts and then a large notebook for the times I have enough opportunity to actually get the real thought racing out through the pencil lead. As long as I keep the change cleared out on a regular basis then the satchel really is not that bad. Besides, I like OD green. Can’t see the dirt very well.

I know that when I can keep the flow rippling out then something of interest to someone will emerge on the screen and pique interest in what I may have to say. So, there you are and here I am. You reading with dubious interest and me just knowing that what I have to say this month will possibly get you, the reader, back next month to see whether I came up with a bit that could possibly be even more interesting than this little item.

Or I could keep on here and discuss the response I get from people when I explain to them that the Pilot Travel Centers has just bought into Flying J Truck Stops. How does this affect me, you say. If you are a truck driver and happen to like the Flying J Truck Stop it could affect you very much. You see, at the J are some really nice showers, decent food and a person gets treated just like a real human being. And what can Pilot do for Flying J? Oh so much. The showers could have only one towel instead of two, the restaurant could become fast food. Pilot is quite partial to getting you in and out and gone so the next customer can come along and get treated like the assembly line participant they so want everyone to like to feel like.

Facts are facts, what happened to the Williams and Bosselmans that Pilot bought into will sooner or later happen to the Flying J. So, ya’ll enjoy what we have while it lasts. It won’t be around much longer.

copyright 2009 by Mary Wade  All rights reserved

Good Heavens, but I do hope that I am wrong about the changes we are about to see.